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The following is a 9 minute informative video regarding the Lead Epidemic. 

The Lead Epidemic


The following video is produced by the CDC and runs about 18 minutes.  "Mission Unleaded: How to test children for lead with maximum accuracy"  

CDC-How to collect a good blood lead sample for screening


The following video is produced by Magellan, the makers of the Lead Care II instrument and provide training on the Lead Care II.  The video is approximately 8 minutes long.

Training-LeadCare II Blood Lead Testing System


The following video is from the Vermont Health Department and shows a small child getting a capillary sample for lead testing from the big toe.  

Emmett's Lead Test


The following video shows how to accurately use the 3M Lead Testing Kits to test for lead on a painted surface and is approximately 2 1/2 minutes.

LeadCheck Swab Demo on Painted Wood and Metal Surfaces

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