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The Oklahoma Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS)Pregnant mother with young son hugging her tummy

The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is an ongoing, statewide study that collects information about a woman’s behaviors and experiences before, during and after pregnancy. Oklahoma PRAMS is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Thirty-six other states conduct a PRAMS survey.  Oklahoma has been a PRAMS participant since the CDC project began in 1988.  

The purpose of PRAMS is to discover why some babies are born healthy and why others are not, in an effort to increase the numbers of babies in Oklahoma who are born healthy. The information is used to help guide programs and health policy in Oklahoma and to help make better use of limited resources.

On a monthly basis, Oklahoma PRAMS randomly samples between 200 and 250 new mothers from Oklahoma birth certificates. Mothers are sent as many as three mail questionnaires, with follow-up phone interviews for women who do not respond to the mailed surveys. All information is kept confidential.

Oklahoma currently collects PRAMS data on the following topics: health insurance, prenatal care, breastfeeding, maternal smoking and secondhand smoke exposure, alcohol use, social support and family planning.

Preparing for a Lifetime, It's Everyone's Responsibility Learn what you can do to help ensure the health and safety of Oklahoma's babies.

What's New:

Partner Pregnancy Intention and Maternal Mental Health April 2020
Breastfeeding at a Glance Fact Sheet Feb 2020 (511k)
PRAMSGRAM - Disparities in Chronic Health Conditions May 2019 (764k)
PRAMS Brief - Unpaid Maternity Leave among Oklahoma Mothers Feb 2019

PRAMS Fact Sheet - Unpaid Maternity Leave among Oklahoma Mothers Feb 2019
PRAMS Poster (for providers - 11"X17") 2018 (1.1mb)
PRAMSGRAM - Infant Safe Sleep Practices among Oklahoma American Indian Mothers April 2018 (757.5k)
Pre and Postnatal Stressors (195k pdf) - Spring 2016
Baby Friendy Hospital Practices in Oklahoma, 2012  (872k pdf) - September 2015
Barriers to Prenatal Care in Oklahoma (752k pdf) October 2014
Bed-Sharing Practices Among First Time Mothers Who Breastfed at Least Eight Weeks (811k pdf) August 2014

Contact Information:
Project Administration/Operations:                     Statistical Inquiries/Data Requests:                     

Ayesha Lampkins, MPH                                         Binitha Kunnel, MS
PRAMS/TOTS Project Manager                              Senior Biostatistician

MCH Assessment                                                    MCH Assessment
Phone:  (405) 271-6761 or 1-800-766-2223   Phone:  (405) 271-6761 or 1-800-766-2223

E-mail:  Ayesha Lampkins                                       email: Binitha Kunnel

For more information on PRAMS nationwide please visit  
For PRAMS prevalence data from 2000-2008 visit CDC's PRAMS web-based query system at CPONDER
For custom reports/analysis or additional variables, contact Binitha Kunnel

PRAMS Data and Reports

PRAMS Reports by Topic

Perinatal and Reproductive Health Division



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