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Oklahoma Medicaid-Birth Certificate Linkage Project

Oklahoma's Medicaid program, SoonerCare, is a health coverage program jointly funded by the federal and state government that provides health insurance for low-income people, including pregnant women. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority is the state agency that administers the program.

Oklahoma Birth Records maintains the records for births that occurred in the State of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma State Department of Health Division of Vital Records is responsible for registering every birth which occurs in the State of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Medicaid – Birth Certificate Linkage Project is supported by an inter-departmental agreement between the Oklahoma Health Care Authority and the Oklahoma State Department of Health Maternal and Child Health Service. Medicaid data contains a wealth of information on health conditions, diagnoses, procedures, as well as health care services rendered to pregnant women and infants. Birth certificate data provides information on risk factors during pregnancy and birth outcomes. Linked Medicaid and Birth Certificate data complements the information included in birth records and Medicaid claims and provides a more complete picture of pregnancy and birth outcomes of Medicaid members.

The intended uses of the Oklahoma Medicaid-Birth Certificate Linkage Project include but are not limited to:

  1. Identifying live births paid by Oklahoma Medicaid.
  2. Assessing the maternal characteristics of mothers with Medicaid paid live births, their behaviors during pregnancy and at delivery, and related birth outcomes.
  3. Comparing pregnancy risks and birth outcomes between the Medicaid and non-Medicaid populations.
  4. Linking matched Medicaid-Birth data to other data sources (e.g. PRAMS, WIC) which could provide a wide variety of information that are not currently available with the matched Medicaid-Birth data alone.
  5. Conducting inferential statistics and analytics of Medicaid-Birth matched data.

Oklahoma Medicaid-Birth Certificate Linkage Project provides opportunities to use Medicaid data in support of Maternal and Child Health Service by enhancing health assessment and evaluation of mothers with Oklahoma Medicaid paid live births. The information can be used to improve current state policies and programs to benefit Medicaid members in the State of Oklahoma.

What’s New:

Data and Reports
Newborns with Withdrawal Symptoms Caused by Maternal Exposure to Select Substances among SoonerCare in 2016 (545k)
Maternal Characteristics and Birth Outcomes among Soonercare in 2016 (1.3m)

Profile of American Indian Mothers with Oklahoma Medicaid Reimbursed Live Births in 2016 (548k)



Contact Information:

Statistical Inquiries/Data Requests:

Lu Zhou, MPH MS
Epidemiologist III - Medicaid Data Analyst
MCH Assessment
Phone: (405)271-6761
Email: Lu Zhou

For more Information on Oklahoma Medicaid (SoonerCare):

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For more Information on Oklahoma Birth Records:

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All the products developed based on the Medicaid-Birth linked data are the result of a collaborative effort between the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Assessment Division at Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) and the Office of Data Governance and Analytics (ODGA) at Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA).

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