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Oklahoma Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) Data and Reports

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Mental Health Infographic: Oklahoma YRBS 2019
Unsafe Driving Behaviors: Oklahoma YRBS 2019
Alcohol Use Infographic: Oklahoma YRBS 2019
Sleep Health Infographic: Oklahoma YRBS 2019
Short Sleep Duration and Associated Risk Factors: Oklahoma YRBS 2019
Nutrition Infographic: Oklahoma YRBS 2019
Teen Dating Violence: Oklahoma YRBS 2019
YRBS 10-Year Trends in Selected Health Indicators 2009-2019
Burden of E-Cigarette Use among Youth in Oklahoma

Burden of Cigarette Smoking among Youth in Oklahoma
Youth and Young Adult Suicide Report: Oklahoma 2020

Bullying Report: Oklahoma YRBS 2017
Bullying Infographic: Oklahoma YRBS 2017
School Violence Infographic: Oklahoma YRBS 2017
Adolescent Sexual Health in Oklahoma: September 2019
Tobacco Use Infographic: YRBS 2017
Tobacco Use Poster: YRBS 2003-2017
Depression and Suicide Infographic: YRBS 2017
Dating and Sexual Violence Infographic: YRBS 2017

Alcohol and Other Drug Use Fact Sheet: YRBS 2017
Sexual Behaviors Fact Sheet: YRBS 2017
Violence Fact Sheet: YRBS 2017
Sexual and Dating Violence: YRBS 2017
Unsafe Driving Behaviors Infographic: YRBS 2017
Obesity Fact Sheet: YRBS 2017
Tobacco Use Fact Sheet: YRBS 2017
Obesity Infographic: YRBS 2017
Nutrition Infographic: YRBS 2017

YRBS Trends for Selected Health Indicators 2003 to 2017
Unsafe Driving Behaviors Data Brief: YRBS 2015
Suicide among Youth and Young Adults in Oklahoma
Nutrition Infographic: YRBS 2015
Obesity Infographic: YRBS 2015
Unsafe Driving Behaviors Infographic: YRBS 2015
Bullying Among Oklahoma Youth: YRBS 2015

YRBS - Academic Achievement and Risk Behaviors  
Alcohol Use YRBS 2015
Infographic- Don't Believe the Hype!
YRBS Trends for Selected Health Indicators 2003 to 2015
Prescription Drug Misuse YRBS 2013

Tobacco Use YRBS 2015
Obesity YRBS 2015
Sexual Behaviors YRBS 2015
Violence YRBS 2015

YRBS Trends 2003-2013
Victims of Violence: 2009 and 2011 YRBS
Oklahoma vs U.S. 2013 YRBS
Overview 2013 YRBS

Violence 2013 YRBS
Sexual Behaviors 2013 YRBS
Obesity 2013 YRBS
Tobacco Use 2013 YRBS


YRBS Archives
2011 YRBS Data and Reports
2009 YRBS Data and Reports
2007 YRBS Data and Reports

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