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Breastfeeding BF-HumanMilkforHumanBabies.jpgInformation & Support

Helping Oklahoma Moms and Babies Breastfeed Successfully

The Oklahoma State Department of Health views breastfeeding as the normal way of feeding babies. Breastfeeding helps babies get the best start in life.  It helps children reach their full potential for health and growth.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health encourages actions that promote, protect, and support breastfeeding and the health of all Oklahoma children.

About Us

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is working to achieve the goals set by Healthy People 2020, through breastfeeding promotion, education and support to health care providers, OSDH staff and the community.

For more information on state and national breastfeeding rates, visit the Centers for Disease Control - Breastfeeding Data and Statistics.

For more information about the Breastfeeding Friendly Worksite Initiative or for Breastfeeding Promotion and Support Activities, contact us:

Nancy Bacon, MS, RD/LD, CDE            
MCH Nutrition Consultant                       
Maternal & Child Health Service              
Oklahoma State Department of Health    
1000 NE 10th Street                              
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299             
Fax 405-271-9202                                  

 405-271-4676 or 1-888-655-2942
Amanda Morgan, MPH, RDN/LD, IBCLC
Breastfeeding Education Coordinator
WIC Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health
2401 NW 23rd Street, Suite 70
Oklahoma City, OK 73107-2475
Fax 405-271-5763

What's New...

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Support Group and Prenatal Class Information Form - new! (12-22-14)

Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline

Línea de Oklahoma Lactancia Materna
24 Hour Toll-Free Breastfeeding Support Line for nursing mothers, their families, partners, expecting parents, and health care providers. All calls returned by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).
1-877-271-MILK (6455)

Office on Women’s Health - Breastfeeding

OSDH Breastfeeding News Releases

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