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"The actions of our adults supporting the 24/7 Tobacco free policy is worth more than a thousand words.  This act of positive role modeling for our students will speak volumes as we promote not only a healthy environment emotionally but also physically. It has been a step in the right direction.  By adding numerous signs and distributing business cards to our guests at our extracurricular events about our 24/7 Tobacco free policy, it has made the transition smooth and with little to no enforcement issues."  Kevin Cansler, Superintendent, Duke Public Schools, Jackson County

“Over the past two years of Blair doing 24/7, we have had few problems convincing patrons to comply.  All of our teachers have completely stopped smoking.  We are looking forward to fewer smokers in Jackson County.”  Sue Von Tungeln, Elementary Principal, Blair Elementary School

“Since implementing 24/7 two years ago, we have had very few problems.  Once our patrons realized the program was in place, they would voluntarily leave campus to smoke.  This has extended to the little leagues that utilize our campus during the summer.”  Ronnie McKee, High School Principal, Blair High School

“When we first implemented the 24/7 No Tobacco Policy, I thought it would be hard to enforce.  The patrons here at Blair and surrounding schools were very understanding and cooperative.  I’m very glad we decided to implement this policy.”  Jimmy Smith, Superintendent, Blair Public Schools

“I am so proud that we adopted the 24/7 Tobacco Free policy for our school.  This sends a strong message to our youth about how harmful tobacco use can be.  By adopting this policy we are actively helping to change social norms about tobacco.”   April Dill, School Board Member, Duke Public Schools

“This milestone represents the commitment of all Tulsa County School Districts to do all that we can to provide an atmosphere and environment that promotes healthy lifestyles and wellness for our students and staff.  Our patrons, parents, and community continue to express appreciation for our 24/7 no tobacco use and we are pleased to be joined in this effort by all area School Districts.” -- Keith Isbell, Chief Communications Officer, Broken Arrow Public Schools.

"As Seminole Public Schools transitioned from a 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tobacco Free district to a 24/7 Tobacco Free district, there was some initial anxiety about whether or not this would cause some sort of problems with policing our schools and the public support at school events. The reality is that we have had a seamless transition from one policy to another. Good communications helped smooth some of the wrinkles. We took about a five week lead to inform the public prior to enforcing the policy. A press release was published in the local newspaper and signs were posted at all school properties. In addition, a copy of the policy and our rationale was sent home with all students. At this point we have received no negative feedback from patrons." -- Ronda Townsend, Assistant Superintendent Seminole Public Schools

"We are responsible for policies which establish a safe environment for our students, given the clear health hazard from second hand smoke it only makes sense to establish our campus as a tobacco-free area. We also teach lessons in healthy living and this policy clearly supports that instruction." - Larry Joe Hancock, President Mountain View - Gotebo School Board

"I've worked for school districts who have adopted regulations such as this and it is always done in the best interest of the children and employees. With the known negative effects of secondhand smoke and tobacco manufacturers targeting our youth, it is up to us as educators to take the lead in practicing what we preach and lend ourselves as positive role models for our students." - Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Bob Moore

"The school district promotes healthy living in many of its educational programs and lessons so it is only logical and right to stand behind that curriculum 100 percent by providing a tobacco-free environment in which to learn. This desirable practice was easy for the Board to support. All of the Board members are committed to children and an ultimate goal of teaching them to become responsible, productive and healthy adults. This regulation truly is in the children's best interest and we look forward to the community's support." - Chairman of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Board Cliff Hudson

"This policy makes a statement about our beliefs." - Norman Superintendent Dr. Joseph Siano

"Our tobacco use policy was already fairly strong. The impetus for no tobacco use on campus came from our Spartan PASS Coalition which includes students and community members. Our administration and Board of Education responded to this 'grassroots' request. It comes down to what is best for our students and the fact that we as adults should model what we expect." - Mary Jane Bias, Ed. D., Superintendent, Bixby Public Schools

"I am a moderate and I know it is difficult for people to quit. As long as I don't have to breath it I am okay. Educators and staff should set standards for our children. In our society today, often times the school is the only place a child receives instruction on important topics such as tobacco use." - Carolyn Thompson, 1st grade teacher

"I agree with the new policy and I think it should be that way. It is a very personal issue with me. My daughter has a serious lung disease. We can not eat in restaurants with designated smoking areas. Smoke comes into the non-smoking area causing life threatening symptoms for my daughter. I have to be very cautious when staying in a motel. The room must be a non-smoking room. Smoking has a negative impact on her life and therefore impacts my life in a negative way. I am happy the school has adopted the new tobacco policy prohibiting any kind of tobacco on school property 24/7." - Mrs. Crutchfield, 3rd grade teacher

"As an asthma and allergy patient I think the new policy is wonderful!" - Sharon Carter, school aide

"As a smoker, I hope the new policy prevents the children from using tobacco of any kind. It is a terribly expensive addiction. I have not been able to quit smoking and my mother recently had a large portion of her lung removed as a result of smoking. I hope it prevents children from smoking." - Mrs. Johnnie Hill, 4th grade teacher

" Tobacco should not be on school property period!" - Sylvia Baker, 6th grade teacher

"I think it is a good policy. The children and adults do NOT need to be exposed to second hand smoke. When my grandson was two years of age, he crawled up into his grandfathers lap and said, 'grandpa the cigarette stinks, please quit smoking' My husband has not had a cigarette since that day 16 years ago. I am certainly proud he did quit." - Mrs. Jackson, Special Education

"I am proud to have been instrumental in bringing in the new tobacco policy." - Superintendent Lisenby

"I really expected to have problems with enforcing it. I have been surprised that there have been no real difficulties at all. I announce it at every game- and so far there has been maybe one time that someone lit up before they left campus." - David Hagans, Principal

"A positive thing that the children no longer have to see the adults smoking so hopefully they will never think of starting that bad habit." - Brian Messex, Computer tech

"I believe children learn from our behavior. So I agree that children should not be able to view people smoking at school or school functions. Being smoke free is a great step towards a healthy future for the next generation." - Angela Menasco Key, Family & Consumer Science Instructor

"I think it is wonderful with all the information we now have on the negative effects of tobacco use, we as educators and parents should come together and do everything in our power to ensure that our children are not exposed to these addictions." - Jamie Crocker, Library Media Specialist

"I am a smoker, but I don't approve of smoking on school grounds or in front of the kids. It does not set a good example for the students." - Pattie Strobel, Burns Flat, OK

"I am grateful that our superintendent let us pass this policy, because it shows what power and influence the youth can have on our school community for doing good" - Aja 8th Grade

"It (the policy) shows how responsible and dedicated they are to our school and to the youth and others. It is great to see how much inspiration it will have on the younger students." - Alyssa 8th Grade

"The adults are practicing what they tell us to do." - Alvina 6th Grade

"As an assistant principal at a high school, I am partially responsible for enforcing school policy. One such policy that extends beyond the typical school day is our decision and commitment to go tobacco free 24/7. A pleasant surprise that I have encountered is the willingness of people to comply with the policy. It is my firm belief that students and adults alike are interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle. As a school system, I feel as if we would be doing the community a disservice by not initiating the policy." - Chad Clanton, Assistant Principal

"At Union our school buildings and athletic fields are the hub of our community and are used daily for activities after school hours. Educating our public that our no tobacco policies apply 24/7 to everyone on school property is an important job. Strengthening our policy language and posting appropriate, recognizable signage is helping to build that awareness." - Cathy Burden, Ph.D., Superintendent

"The 24/7 tobacco policy underscores Tulsa Public School's commitment to the health and well-being of all students and staff." - Jack Arnold, Coordinator Safe and Drug Free Schools, and Bob Currington, Senior Specialist, Safe and Drug Free Schools

Petition for supporting a tobacco-free school at all times

  • The purpose of public schools is to educate children and children need positive role models.
  • Reduces children’s observation of tobacco and takes a firm stand against it.
  • Supports prevention messages delivered in classrooms by sending clear, consistent non-use messages.
  • Schools can create powerful environments for promoting non-tobacco use norms.
  • Tobacco free at all times sends a clear message that school leaders consider the issue important.
  • Provides a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors by reducing exposure to second hand smoke.


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