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Newborn Screening Crying Baby

Every baby born in Oklahoma is required to have a blood test in the first week of life. The test requires a small amount of blood to be collected from a baby’s heel.

The blood test helps to find babies with certain hidden disorders. Babies with these disorders often appear healthy at birth. This makes it difficult for doctors to know if a baby has one of the hidden disorders without a blood test.

Failure to treat a baby who has one of these disorders within the first month of life can lead to mental retardation, severe illness or death.

The birthing facility or midwife collects the specimen and sends it to the Oklahoma State Department of Health for testing. The results are sent to the doctor listed on the lab form. Blood test results will inform the doctor if more testing is needed.

If a baby is found to have a disorder immediate care and treatment by a special medical doctor is needed.

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