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Good Laboratory Practices Manual

 Test Procedures:  
    ♦ HEMOCUE  
    ♦ Vaginal Wet Prep

  Vaginal Wet Prep Training/Competency:   
    ♦ Training Policy for Vaginal Wet Prep

Completing a Shipping Manifest:
♦ Printing Shipping Manifest
Example of Completed Shipping Manifest


 Quality Assessment: 
Quality Assessment Checklist (.doc)

 Temperature Charts:
Temperature Chart
Vaccine Troubleshooting Record 

Good Laboratory Practices: 
Good Laboratory Practice Standards 

 Reporting Errors:     
County Corrective Action Log

Field Laboratory Operations Technical Staff
Leslie Billetter: 405-406-4399 (Blackberry)
Louis Susanto: 405-202-1318 (Blackberry)

Hours of Operation
8am-5pm, Monday - Friday

Contact Information
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299
Phone: 405-271-5070; Fax: 405-271-4850
24/7 Emergency: 405-406-3511 or 405-271-7457

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