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Senior Chronic Disease Epidemiologist

Malinda Reddish Douglas, DrPH, MPH, CPH

Malinda Reddish Douglas, DrPH, MPH, CPH works in the Office of the State Epidemiologist of the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Her role is the Senior Chronic Disease Epidemiologist with additional responsibilities as the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Administrator.

She has been working in the field of epidemiology since 1989. Her experience includes the application of epidemiology to the topics of injury prevention, maternal and child health, child abuse prevention, tobacco use prevention, and chronic disease.

She graduated from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Sciences. At the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, College of Public Health, she earned a Master in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental Epidemiology/Toxicology. After many years in the workforce, she returned to the University and was awarded a Doctor of Public Health. She is a member of the Charter Class of Certified Public Health Professionals.   

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