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Injury Updates about Injuries among Adults and the Elderly 

All-Terrain Vehicle-related Traumatic Brain Injuries, Oklahoma, 1992-1999

Brush, Trash, and Grass Fire-related Injuries, Oklahoma, 2004-2008 

Burn Injuries due to Cigarette-related Residential Fires, Oklahoma, 1988-2002 

Burn Injuries due to Smoking While Using Oxygen Therapy, Oklahoma, 2001-2005 

Falls among People 65 Years of Age and Older, Oklahoma, 2008-2009

Fall-related Traumatic Brain Injuries among Oklahomans 65 Years and Older, 2005 

Firearm-related Deaths in Oklahoma

Flood-related Submersion Injuries in Oklahoma 

Gang and Gang-like Homicides, Oklahoma

Gang-related Homicides, Oklahoma, 2004-2006 

Heat-related Deaths in Oklahoma, 2011

Heat-related Deaths, Oklahoma, 1990-2001 

Hospitalizations Paid by Workers’ Compensation, Oklahoma, 2005 

Injuries Treated in Hospitals following the May 8 and 9, 2003 Tornadoes in Oklahoma City 

Intimate Partner Violence-related Deaths in Oklahoma

Investigation of Deaths and Injuries resulting from the May 3, 1999 Tornadoes 

Oklahoma Women and Sexual Violence – Beliefs, Opinions, and Victimization: Results from a Random Telephone Survey 

Poison-related Suicides, Oklahoma, 2004-2006 

Submersion Injuries in Recreational Natural Bodies of Water, Oklahoma, 1988-2003 

Suicide among Persons 65 Years and Older, Oklahoma, 2004 

Traumatic Brain Injuries resulting from Falls on Stairs/Steps in Oklahoma, 1992-2003 

Undetermined Manner Drug Poisoning Deaths, Oklahoma, 2004-2006

Unintentional Campfire-related Burn Injuries in Oklahoma, 1996-2005 

Unintentional Poisonings related to Medications, Oklahoma, 2007-2009

Unintentional Poisonings related to Medications, Oklahoma, 1999-2006

Violent Deaths in Custody, Oklahoma, 2004-2006 

Work-related Burns among Roofers, Oklahoma, 1988-2006

Work-related Mobile Machinery Deaths, Oklahoma, 1998-2008

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Hospitalized and Fatal All-Terrain Vehicle-related Injuries in Oklahoma, 2007 

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