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Soccer Goal Safety Tips

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These recommendations for handling and storage of soccer goals have been drawn from the Oklahoma Soccer Association’s Goal/Field Inspection Form, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety publication, Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety, and The Football Association’s Goals for Football – Guidance Notes.

General Use

  • Always inspect goals before each match.
  • Always ensure goals are securely anchored.
  • Ensure anchors are flush with the ground and clearly visible.
  • Never allow anyone to climb or play on the goal or net.
  • Never allow anyone to hang on the goal crossbar (e.g. chin-ups).
  • Ensure all warning and safety labels are clearly visible.
  • Movable goals should only be used on level (flat) fields.
  • Instruct players on safe handling and potential dangers associated with movable goals.

Pre-game Goal Safety Checklist

Inspect all goals to ensure that:

√ Nets are in good repair and have no tears or large holes.
√ Nets are properly attached to the frame and net fasteners have no sharp points or jagged edges.
√ Structural integrity is strong. Goals with weak, rusted, damaged, or missing parts should be repaired or replaced before use.
√ Posts have no jagged edges or sharp points.
√ Movable soccer goals are securely anchored at all times so they will not fall over when excessive weight is applied to the crossbar (e.g. persons hanging on the crossbar) or in high winds.
√ Anchors are flush with the ground and clearly visible.

Moving Goals

  • If the goal is designed to be disassembled – disassemble it before moving.
  • If it cannot be disassembled:
    • For goals with 4 wheels – push the uprights moving in the backward direction only.
    • For goals with 2 wheels – pull it by lifting the back bar slightly and move in the backwards direction only.
    • For goals that have no wheels –
      • use at least 4 adults (use more for larger goals) who are physically fit to ensure complete control and safety while goal is being moved
      • (do not use students/players);
      • never drag the goal (it can damage welded joints and weaken structural integrity);
      • use proper lifting techniques.

Seasonal Storage of Movable Goals

  • Always remove the net before storage.
  • If the goal is designed to be disassembled – disassemble it completely before storage.
  • If the goal cannot be disassembled, there are several ways it may be secured.
    • Place the goal frames face to face and chain and lock them together at each goalpost.
    • Chain and lock the face of the goal to a fixed structure such as a permanent fence.
    • Lock unused goals in a secure storage room.
    • If applicable, fold the face of the goal down and lock it to its base.

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Revised November 2011

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