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Hospital Preparedness Program

Through the Department of Human and Health Services(HHS), Hospital Preparedness Program (HHP) grant,  the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) has been given the opportunity to work with hospitals and other medical system partners to enhance preparedness capabilities at the local, regional and state level.  Eighty percent (80%) of the funding offered through this grant is awarded to our partners.  Prior to 2007, efforts were focused on development of regional response systems and enhancement of individual hospital capacity in areas such as decontamination systems, personal protective equipment, redundant communications systems, radiation detection, security enhancements, isolation capacity enhancements, and training and education.  

Starting in September 2007, the federal partnership coalition program changed the focus of the HPP grant to enhance capabilities related to interoperable communications, evacuation planning, fatality management planning, bed reporting and volunteer management.  In development and enhancing these capabilities, efforts are still focused on education and training, drills and exercises, and planning for functional needs populations.

OSDH is addressing preparedness capabilities with hospital and medical system partners through a contacting process designed to award funding to all eligible hospitals, EMS agencies, and outpatient clinics.  OSDH will also continue to integrate these same preparedness capabilities with our Metropolitan and Regional Medical Response System partners.

OSDH Hospital Preparedness Program  Planning Criteria and Guidelines [PDF, 43 KB]

CNA Medical Surge Capacity and Capability System [PDF, 3MB]

Kaiser Permanente Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Template [XLS, 86.5 KB]

OSDH Basic Hospital Security Planning Template [PDF, 24.8 KB]


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