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Emergency Response

Public Health RoleTPRS-May1999Tornado.gif

 Under the guidelines of the Oklahoma Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), public health is required to establish procedures for responses to the environmental, health and medical needs of the State of Oklahoma in the event of a man-made or natural emergency. OSDH is required to coordinate with the federal government for assistance provided under the National Response Framework (NRF) Emergency Support Function (ESF) #8, Public Health and Medical Services.  To view the "Oklahoma Public Health and Medical Response System Emergency Response Plan" click here.

The Commissioner of Health is responsible for coordination of all state health and medical services in response to man-made or natural disasters. The scope of medical and health services will be adjusted to the size and type of disaster. The Department of Health works with a variety of support agencies and medical system partners in order to respond to emergencies affecting the health and medical needs of the citizens of Oklahoma. The Commissioner of Health is required to keep the Governor, the Director of Emergency Management and Director of the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security informed of the status of medical and health services during emergency operations.

In accordance with the Oklahoma Catastrophic Health Emergency Powers Act (O.S. 63:6101), the Oklahoma Catastrophic Health Emergency Plan was developed as an addendum to ESF-8. Its purpose is to prepare for acts of terrorism, resurgent infectious diseases and mass casualty incidents.  To view the Catastrophic Health Emergency Plan, click here. (You must have Adobe Acrobat to read this document.)


Activations and Deployments  Year
Hurricane Florence 2018
NW Oklahoma Wildfires 2018
Hurricane Irma 2017
Hurricane Harvey 2017
NW Oklahoma Wildfires 2017
March Severe Weather 2016
March Wildfire 2016
December Winter Storm 2015
OSU Homecoming Parade - October 2015
Spring Storms 2015
Indiana HIV Outbreak Support 2015
Ebola Virus Disease 2014-2015
Unaccompanied Children Response 2014
May Wildfires 2014
April Quapaw Tornado 2014
December Winter Storm 2013
May Tornado Outbreak 2013
Dental Health Associated Infection 2013
February Winter Storm 2013
West Nile Virus Outbreak 2012
August Wildfires 2012
Woodward Tornado 2012
Central Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak 2011
Tushka Tornado 2011
February Winter Storm 2011
May Tornado Outbreak 2010
January Ice Storm 2010
Christmas Eve Blizzard 2009
H1N1 Flu 2009-2010
Hurricane Ike 2008
Hurricane Gustav 2008
Northeast Oklahoma E.coli Outbreak 2008
December Ice Storm 2007
Hurricane Dean 2007
Tropical Storm Erin Flood 2007
New Year's Ice Storm 2007
GI and Respiratory Outbreak 2007
Rabies Investigation  2006
State Wild Fires 2005 - 2006
Hurricane Rita 2005
Hurricane Katrina 2005
Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak 2005
Hurricane Ivan 2004
Hurricane Jeanne 2004
Central Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak 1999
Murrah Federal Building Bombing  1995
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