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2007 Annual Summary of Infectious Disease

2007 Annual Summary Section 1
-List of Contributors
-Executive Summary
-Table of Contents
-Disease Reporting Rules

Section 1 (991k.pdf)

2007 Annual Summary Section 2
-Number of Reported Cases of Communicable Diseases, Oklahoma, 1993-2007
-Incidence Rates per 100,000 Oklahoma Population of Reported Communicable Diseases, Oklahoma, 1993-2007
-Reportable Diseases by County, Oklahoma, 2007
-2007 Public Health Laboratory Update

Section 2 (638k.pdf)

2007 Annual Summary Section 3
-Dengue Fever
-Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli Infection (EHEC)
-Haemophilus influenzae Invasive Disease
-Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, post diarrheal
-Hepatitis A
-Hepatitis B
-Hepatitis C
-Oklahoma Influenza and Respiratory Virus Surveillance Summary, 2007-2008
-Meningococcal Invasive Disease

Section 3 (904k.pdf)

2007 Annual Summary Section 4
-Multi-State Avian Psittacosis Investigation and Response – December, 2007
-Animal Rabies
-Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
-Streptococcus, Group A Invasive Disease
-Streptococcus pneumoniae, Invasive Disease in Children <5 Years
-Transplantation-Transmitted Tuberculosis, 2007
-Typhoid Fever
-Summary: Vomiting/Diarrhea Illness among Residents and Staff of an Assisted Living Center, January 2007
-West Nile Virus
-Syndromic Surveillance Systems in Oklahoma and Tulsa County

Section 4 (697k.pdf)


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