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Rabies Veterinarians

How do I obtain an animal rabies specimen shipment box?

Rabies boxes can be ordered by calling the OSDH Public Health Lab at (405) 271-5070 or by ordering online here

How long does it take to get back my rabies specimen shipment box?

It can take up to one week depending on regular business hours and holidays.  Once testing is completed, the box will be shipped back using the U.S. Postal Service.  If you have any questions, please contact OSDH Public Health Lab at (405) 271-5070.

How long does it take to get rabies results?

Routine laboratory testing occurs Monday-Saturday.  If a specimen arrives before 11:00AM, you will receive results by 4:30PM that day.  If a specimen arrives after 11:00AM, the animal will be tested the next business day.  The OSDH Public Health Lab does not test specimens on Sunday or on holidays.

Who will notify me if an animal tests positive for rabies?

The OSDH Acute Disease Service Epidemiologist-on-Call investigates all positive rabid animals or animals that are unsatisfactory for testing.

Does the OSDH Public Health Lab test the animal for any other diseases?

No.  The OSDH Public Health Lab will only test the brain for rabies.

Rabies Resources for Veterinarians:

Rabies Animal Vaccine – Frequently Asked Questions (65k.pdf)

Rabies Laboratory Submission Instructions (23k.pdf)

Rabies Prevention and Control Compendium 2011 (103k.pdf))

Zoonotic Disease Control Rules, Ch. 599 (36k.pdf)


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