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2011 State of the State's Health: Indicator Maps-Black and White



Infant Mortality Rates, 2003-2007-BW (PDF, 797 KB)

Total Mortality Rates,  2003-2007-BW (PDF, 457 KB)


Leading Causes of Death

Alzheimer's Disease Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 665 KB)

Cancer Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 469 KB)

Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 519 KB)

Diabetes Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 483 KB)

Heart Disease Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 459 KB)

Influenza/Pneumonia Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 616 KB)

Kidney Disease Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (713 KB, PDF)

Stroke Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 469 KB)

Suicide Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 804 KB)

Unintentional Injury Mortality Rates, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 457 KB)


Risk Factors and Behaviors

Prevalence of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Among Adults, 2005, 2007, 2009-BW (PDF, 643 KB)

Prevalence of Adults Reporting No Physical Activity in the Past 30 Days-BW (PDF, 640 KB)

Prevalence of Smoking Among Adults-BW (PDF, 657 KB)

Prevalence of Obesity Among Adults, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 662 KB)

Percent of Children 19-35 Months of Age up-to-date on the 4:3:1:3:3 Immunization Schedule, 2007 Birth Cohort-BW (PDF, 486 KB)

Percent of People Over 65 Who Received a Flu Shot in the Past Year, 2005-2009-BW (PDF, 893 KB)

Percent of People Over 65 Who Have Ever Received a Pneumonia Shot, 2005-2009-BW (PDF, 911 KB)

Average Number of Limited Activity Days, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 923 KB)

Average Number of Mentally Unhealthy Days, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 668 KB)

Average Number of Physically Unhealthy Days, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 663 KB)

Prevalence of Adults with Self-Rating of "Good Health or Better", 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 283 KB)

Teen Fertility Rates, 2003-2007-BW (PDF, 469 KB)

Prevalence of Prenatal Care in First Trimester, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 283 KB)

Percent of Infants with Low Birth Weight, 2005-2007-BW (PDF, 484 KB)

Prevalence of Adult Dental Visits within the Past Year; 2004, 2006, and 2008-BW (PDF, 620 KB)

Prevalence of Adults Who Have a Personal Doctor or Health Care Provider, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 662 KB)


Disease Rates

Asthma Prevalence Rates, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 781 KB)

Cancer Incidence Rates, 2004-2006-BW (PDF, 476 KB)

Diabetes Prevalence Rates, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 665 KB)


Socioeconomic Factors

Percent of Adults Who Are Uninsured, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 653 KB)

Percent of Population Living in Poverty, 2007-2009-BW (PDF, 286 KB)


New Indicators 

Occupational Fatalities, 2003-2007-BW (PDF, 1 MB)

Preventable Hospitalizations-BW (PDF, 286 KB)

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