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Our Services

Children First
Monitoring and education program for eligible families expecting to deliver and/or parent their first child.

Child Health
Services to manage well-child care and minor illnesses for infants and children.

Communicable Disease
Services for screening, diagnosing, educating, and treating sexually transmitted disease, as well as investigation of communicable disease outbreaks in the community.

Consumer Protection
Public Health program to provide safe food preparation/handling practices and investigations of health-related complaints.

Family Planning
Services include physical examinations, birth control, pregnancy diagnosis, and screening services for men and women.

General Clinic Services
Offering a variety of services available by appointment through our General Clinics.

Health Education
Community programs to assist in improving public health and its associated outcomes in our county.

Immunization Service
Services to reduce the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases in infants, children, and adults.

Early intervention services for children birth through age three with developmental delays or disabilities.

Tobacco Prevention
Program promoting county-wide involvement in reducing tobacco dependence.

Supplemental nutrition program to improve the health of pregnant and breast-feeding women as well as infants and children who are at risk.



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