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Consumer Protection

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The Muskogee County Health Department's Consumer Protection Division offers a wide array of services. Sanitarians conduct routine inspections of licensed establishments over which the Health Department has jurisdiction such as:

  • retail food service establishments
  • school kitchens
  • hotels/motels
  • public bathing places (pools & spas)
  • barber shops

At the request of Department of Human Services, sanitarians inspect the food operation of daycare centers and accompany Long Term Care inspectors to inspect the food service operation in nursing centers.

Food safety training for food handler permits is offered monthly at Muskogee County Health Department. Call us for dates and times.

Time and personnel permitting, food safety training will be provided at your facility.

Public Bathing Place (pool and spa) operator training is offered annually at Muskogee County Health Department. 

In addition to inspections of licensed establishments, our Consumer Protection Division is responsible to investigate animal bites to prevent the possible spread of rabies.

For further information call Muskogee County Health Department's Consumer Protection Division at (918) 683-0321 or Toll Free (877) 596-1596. 




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