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Children First Program

“My nurse was my connection to community resources, my sounding board and my confidence builder. Having my nurse was like having a motherhood coach. Every new mother deserves a visiting nurse.” -Former Client


What is Children First?

Children First is a voluntary home visitation program available through your local health department., which offers public health services to families expecting to deliver and/or parent their first child. The program encourages early and continuous prenatal care, personal development, and the involvement of the fathers, grandparents, and other supporting  persons in parenting. It is staffed by skilled and caring public health nurses, who provide home visitation services during pregnancy and the first two years of the child’s life.

Who Can Enroll?

Enrollment is open to women less than 29 weeks pregnant who are expecting their first child and meet income eligibility criteria.

Mayes Co Children First Expectant Mother
Mayes Co Mother with Smiling Baby



When and How Often Can Visits Occur?

 Can begin during pregnancy and continue until your child is 2 years old

 Can be scheduled every other week during pregnancy, infancy and toddler period

 Can be scheduled weekly during the 6 week period after your baby’s birth

 Can be tailored to meet your needs






What Happens During a Visit?

 Help you find answers about what happens during pregnancy

 Help you develop your plan for a healthy pregnancy

 Answer your questions about labor and delivery

 Answer your questions about how to care for your baby

 Help you find resources to meet your family’s needs.

After Your Baby Arrives Your Nurse Will…..

 Answer your questions about how and what to feed your baby

 Help you understand your child’s growth and development

 Provide brief health assessments of the baby

 Answer your questions about parenting

 Answer questions about your baby’s health and safety; and

 Help you find resources to meet your family’s needs


Mayes Co - Children First Family Visit



For additional information, or to schedule a 

Children First visit, contact:


Mayes County Health Department

(918) 825-4224




Services are not intended to replace services provided by your or your baby’s healthcare provider.


Mayes Co - Children First Nurse Family Partnership


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