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Jackson County Health Department
Community Topics/Issues

Food Programs and Shelters

Your County Health Department is working with the local community to identify the acquisition of services for food programs and shelters in response to COVID-19. If you have not been contacted and would like to share what your group or organization is doing to meet these needs and any corresponding requirements or barriers, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the POC provided for each county. 


Beckham - Arielle Howard (580) 225-1173

Caddo - Kayla McLaughlin (580) 585-6720

Comanche - Melanie Curry or Debra Johnson (580) 248-5890

Cotton - Julie Williams (580) 875-6121

Greer - Arielle Howard (580) 225-1173

Harmon - Karen Testerman (580) 471-2250

Jackson - Rosalyn Hall or Victoria Cleveland (580) 482-7308

Kiowa - Rebecca Villa-Winsett (580) 726-3316

Tillman - April Collom (580) 335-2163

Washita- Rebecca Villa-Winsett (580) 726-3316


Certified Healthy Oklahoma Programs

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Business Program began in 2003 as a way to recognize businesses that were working to improve employee health. Healthy businesses contribute to creating a healthier Oklahoma. Businesses that have become certified know that creating a healthier workplace is important to productivity, morale, and employee health.  Since the program started, more than 1,000 Oklahoma businesses have become certified. In fact, the Certified Healthy Business Program was so successful that the Certified Healthy Restaurant award program was started in 2009.

In 2010, House Bill 2774 created the Certified Healthy Schools and Communities Act. These are two new voluntary certification programs recognizing communities and schools that promote wellness, encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors and establish safe and supportive environments.  Following these certification programs, the Oklahoma Turning Point Council was approached to offer a College Campus certification in 2011. This certification program is available to all Oklahoma colleges and Career Technology Centers.

In 2014 two new programs were recognized.  The Certified Healthy Early Care and Education Program was created in 2014 to recognize early childhood programs that are working to make health a priority for children, families, and staff by providing wellness opportunities and implementing policies that lead to healthier lifestyles.  The Certified Healthy Congregation was also created in 2014 to recognize communities of all faiths that are working to improve the health of their members and/or attendees and staff by providing wellness opportunities and implementing policies that lead to healthier lifestyles.

All certification programs have three award levels: basic, merit and excellence. Each certification program follows strict criteria.  For more information on the program and how to apply please go to the Certified Healthy Oklahoma website. Online applications are available August through November of each year. 

We have spotlighted the organizations for Jackson County as of December 2019.  For a complete list of winners, please click on the appropriate section below:

Certified Healthy Oklahoma Business Program

For Jackson:

  • Town of Blair
  • 97th Medical Group
  • Jackson County Memorial Hospital
  • NBC Oklahoma
  • Olustee Public Works Authority


Certified Healthy Campuses Program

For Jackson:

  • Western Oklahoma State College


Certified Healthy Communities Program

For Jackson:

  • Town of Blair
  • City of Altus


Certified Healthy Oklahoma Congregation Program


Certified Healthy Oklahoma Early Care and Education Program

For Jackson:

  • Altus Child Development Center (Lincoln Head Start/ SOCAG, Inc.)
  • Wilson Head Start Center (Southwest Oklahoma Community Action Group)


Certified Healthy Oklahoma Restaurants Program

For Jackson:

  • Bru
  • Pecan Street Bisto
  • Becca's Fat Daddy's


Certified Healthy Oklahoma Schools Program

For Jackson:

  • Altus Intermediate School                                   Altus
  • Altus Early Childhood Center                              Altus
  • Altus Elementary School                                     Altus
  • Altus Junior High School                                     Altus
  • Altus Primary School                                           Altus
  • L. Mendel Rivers Elementary                              Altus
  • Blair Elementary School                                      Blair
  • Navajo Elementary                                              Navajo
  • Navajo High School                                             Navajo
  • Navajo Junior High                                              Navajo
  • Olustee-Eldorado                                                Olustee
  • Altus Christian Academy                                     Altus
  • Altus High School                                                Altus
  • Olustee-Eldorado High School                           Olustee



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