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Press Releases

Custer County Health Department receives press releases from Oklahoma State Department of Health, Office of Communications.  For Custer County information and updates please contact the staff at (580) 323-2100 in Clinton or (580) 772-6417 in Weatherford.


Link to Oklahoma State Department of Health - News Release Site: Current OSDH News Releases

Recent Custer County Health Department Press Releases

11-20-19 Custer Newsrelease - Keep Foodborne Illness Off the Holiday Menu.pdf

10-2-19 Custer CHD Offering Flu Vaccine.pdf

9-26-19 Custer CHD News Release-First OK Case of Vaping-Associated Lung Injury Confirmed.pdf

7-30-19 Custer CHD Breastfeeding news release.pdf

7-15-19 Custer County news release -Summer Safety.pdf

5-3-19 Release Human Trafficking Awareness Class 5-14-19 Clinton.pdf

5-3-19 Custer CHD News Release Nurses Week.pdf

3-19-19 Canute TB Update News Release.pdf

3-15-19 Custer County Health Department Investigating Tuberculosis in Canute

2-6-2019 Tai Chi Custer.pdf

1-22-2019 WIC Custer.pdf

1-11-2019 Certified Healthy Custer.pdf

12-6-2018 Preparedness for Winter Weather Custer.pdf

12-3-2018 Winter Weather Safe Driving Custer.pdf

11-8-18 You're the Help Stop the Bleed Custer CHD Newsrelease.pdf

11-1-2018 Diabetes Month Custer.pdf

10-23-2018 Dr Rhoades Custer.pdf

10-19-2018 EMS Grant Custer.pdf

06-27-2018 788 passage Custer.pdf

5-1-2018 Nurses week Custer.pdf

4-19-2018 Child Abuse Custer.pdf

4-16-2018 Infectious Disease Custer.pdf

4-16-2018 Admin Professional Custer.pdf

4-12-2018 Joint Commission Custer.pdf

4-2-2018 Smoking Custer.pdf

3-22-2018 Travel planning Custer.pdf

2-15-2018 Custer free flu shot.pdf

2-15-2018 Custer Flu.pdf

2-12-2018 Custer Measles.pdf

2-12-2018 Custer Condom week.pdf

1-11-2018 Flu Update Custer.pdf

1-2-2018 Corrective plan Custer.pdf

12-12-2017 Health Rankings Custer.pdf

11-30-17 Flu Death Custer.pdf

11-15-2017 Flu Custer.pdf

11-14-2017 Diabetes Custer.pdf

10-23-17 Custer - Psychological First Aid Class Offered in Weatherford.pdf

9-13-2017 Flu vaccine Custer.pdf

8-10-2017 Cigarette Fee Disappointment Custer.pdf

7-18-2017 Heat Custer.pdf

7-13-2017 Vaccination Custer.pdf

6-22-2017 HIV Custer.pdf

6-1-2017 Health lab Custer.pdf

5-11-2017 Tickborne Custer.pdf

5-2-2017 Teen Pregnancy Custer.pdf

5-1-2017 Fitness gram Custer.pdf

4-25-2017 Nurses week Custer.pdf

4-20-17 Custer CHD Observes Administrative Professionals Week.pdf

4-18-2017 Custer MRC release.pdf

4-5-2017 WIC release Custer.pdf

3-23-2017 Flood Safety Custer.pdf

3-15-17 Custer CHD news release Time to Prepare for Storm Season.pdf

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