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Cotton County Health Department

Press Releases

Cotton County Health Department receives weekly press releases from Oklahoma State Department of Health, Office of Communications. For Cotton County, information and updates please contact the following individuals at (580) 875-6121.

Brandie Combs, Administrative issues,

Dan Brown, Consumer Health issues,

Janene Atchley, Nursing issues,

Julie Williams, Press Release Issues,

Link to Oklahoma State Department of Health - News Release Site: 
Current OSDH News Releases

Cotton County Health Department Press Releases

7-31-2020 Back To School Immunizations Clinic

7-24-2020 OSDH-Oklahoma Contact Tracing now Includes Text Messages

7-9-2020 Oklahoma State Department of Health Launches Color-Coded COVID-19 Alert System

4-3-2020 COVID-19 District 5 - SW Update.pdf

3-30-2020 Cotton COVID-19 Update.pdf

3-16-2020 Cotton Media Advisory COVID-19 Update.pdf

3-12-2020 Cotton COVID-19 Information Regarding Testing.pdf

3-5-20 Cotton COVID-19 Update.pdf

2-27-20 Cotton CHD News Release Covid-19.pdf

1-3-2020 Cotton CHD News Release Flu RSV Update.pdf

11-20-19 Cotton News Release -Keep Foodborne Illness off the Holiday Menu.pdf

9-26-19 Cotton CHD News Release-First OK Case of Vaping-Associated Lung Injury Confirmed.pdf

9-25-19 Cotton Flu Clinic news release.pdf

7-30-19 Cotton CHD Breastfeeding News release.pdf

7-11-19 Cotton CHD Heat News Release.pdf

1-22-2019 WIC Cotton.pdf

1-11-2019 Certified Healthy Cotton.pdf

12-6-2018 Preparedness for Winter Weather Cotton.pdf

12-3-2018 Winter Weather Safe Driving Cotton.pdf

11-1-2018 Diabetes Month Cotton.pdf

10-23-2018 Dr Rhoades Cotton.pdf

06-27-2018 788 passage Cotton.pdf

5-1-2018 Nurses week Cotton.pdf

4-19-2018 Child Abuse Cotton.pdf

4-16-2018 Infectious Disease Cotton.pdf

4-16-2018 Admin Professional Cotton.pdf

4-12-2018 Joint Commission Cotton.pdf

4-2-2018 Smoking Cotton.pdf

3-22-2018 Travel planning Cotton.pdf

2-15-2018 Cotton free flu shots.pdf

2-15-2018 Cotton Flu.pdf

2-12-2018 Cotton Measles.pdf

2-12-2018 Cotton Condom week.pdf

1-11-2018 Flu Update Cotton.pdf

1-2-2018 Corrective plan Cotton.pdf

12-12-2017 Health Rankings Cotton.pdf

11-30-17 Flu Death Cotton.pdf

11-15-2017 Flu Cotton.pdf

11-14-2017 Diabetes Cotton.pdf

9-13-2017 Flu Vaccine Cotton.pdf

8-10-2017 Cigarette Fee Disappointment Cotton.pdf

7-25-17 Cotton CHD News Release World Breast-feeding Week.pdf

7-18-2017 Heat Cotton.pdf

7-13-2017 Cotton CHD-Now is the Time to Vaccinate for School and Day Care.pdf

7-12-2017 Board Cotton.pdf

6-22-2017 HIV Cotton.pdf

6-1-2017 Health lab Cotton.pdf

5-11-2017 Tickborne Cotton.pdf

5-2-2017 Teen Pregnancy Cotton.pdf

5-1-2017 Fitness gram Cotton.pdf

4-25-2017 Nurses week cotton.pdf

4-20-17 Cotton CHD Observes Administrative Professionals Week.pdf

4-18-2017 Cotton MRC release.pdf

3-31-17 Cotton County Health Department offers WIC.pdf

3-23-2017 Flood safety Cotton.pdf

3-16-2017 Poison prevention cotton.pdf

3-15-17 Cotton CHD News Release Time to Prepare for Storm Season.pdf

3-10-2017 Cotton State Board Meeting.pdf

2-9-17  OSDH Reports an Increase in Flu Cases; Vaccinations Encouraged Cotton CHD.pdf

12-2-2016 Cotton Winter Weather Preparedness.pdf

11-1-2016 Cotton Breast and Cervical cancer.pdf

9-28-2016 Cotton flu clinic2.pdf

8-9-2016 Turning point conf cotton.pdf

7-10-2016 Cotton Swimming safety.pdf

7-7-2016 Summer heat child safety cotton.pdf

5-11-2016 Cervical cancer release cotton.pdf

4-04-16 Cotton Co Health Dept child abuse awareness press release .pdf

3-25-16 News Release Cotton County Health Department Encourages Storm Preparedness.pdf

2-25-16 Cotton CHD News Release - Influenza Activity Increasing in Oklahoma.pdf

12-29-15 Cotton County Health Department Urges Caution to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.pdf

11-20-15 Cotton CHD news release Keep Foodborne Illness off the Menu.pdf

10-5-15 Cotton CHD Flu Seasonal Launch Cotton County 2015-16.pdf

10-1-2015 CottonCHD WestNileVirus.pdf

8-9-15 Cotton CHD Release Everyone Can Help Support a Mother Breastfeeding at Work.pdf

8-3-15 Cotton CHD News Release - Now is the Time to Vaccinate for School and Child Care.pdf

6-2-15 Cotton CHD news release Mosquito Safety.pdf

5-1-15 Cotton CHD Celebrates Nurses.pdf

4-19-15 Cotton CHD Observes Admninistrative Professional Week.pdf

4-16-15 Cotton CHD Release Cotton County Health Department Seeks Volunteers for Support After Disasters.pdf

2-3-15 Cotton CHD - Preventing the Measles Outbreak in Oklahoma.pdf

1-2-15 Cotton CHD-OSDH Reports an Increase in Flu Cases  Vaccinations Encouraged.pdf



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