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Current Events

From Captain Claudia Roseno - Bridges out of Poverty Training September 15 and Getting Ahead Training October 19

A Getting Ahead facilitator training (with author Phil DeVol) has been scheduled on Wednesday, October 19th in Oklahoma City.  The registration fee is only $60 per person, which includes the required book set and lunch.  This is a substantial savings over the cost of the training via webinar ($260) on the aha web site.  The registration link for the Getting Ahead facilitator training and instructions about where to mail your check are located at:  www.GAFacilitatorTraining2016.eventbrite.com

As a reminder, there is a training prerequisite which is the full-day Bridges Out of Poverty workshop taught by a Bridges certified trainer.  This is a requirement for both community members and for Getting Ahead graduates who wish to be a lead facilitator.  In this regard, a FREE Bridges Out of Poverty training is scheduled in Norman on September 15th.  Please let me know if you need this information.

Please keep in mind that during our last Poverty workgroup, Jobs/Wages is our highest voted priority, The first goal under this task is to:  Implement and promote Bridges Out of Poverty Program. This training is an excellent opportunity begin the Action Cycle of our strategic planning goals.

Thank you!  For more information please contact: 

Captain Claudia Roseno
Corps Officer
The Salvation Army
Lawton Corps
1306 SW "E" Ave. Lawton, OK 73501
Office:  (580) 355-1802   Fax:  (580) 355-1803

Mental Health First Aid Course scheduled for October 8th and 15th has been cancelled.  For more information please contact: 

Marquise Bishop - Health Educator
(580) 585-6743

Community Baby Shower

Comanche County’s 3rd Annual Community Baby Shower will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 11th from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at the Comanche County Fairgrounds Annex Building.

The overall goal of the Community Baby Shower is to provide information, connect people to resources, and educate not only the pregnant mother, but new parents and caregivers as well. This event is inclusive of all areas of Preparing for a Lifetime, It’s Everyone’s Responsibility, which is the state’s initiative to decrease infant mortality in Oklahoma.  For more information please see the flyer: Community Baby Shower

All expecting parents and caregivers of children up to the age of two years old are welcome to attend the event. There is no need to register. Guests may expect to enjoy speakers, light refreshments, and a raffle.

For more information, please contact Sarah Lambaria at (580) 585-6612, or SarahL@health.ok.gov.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) 

In the spring of 2010, Comanche County embarked on the development of its first Community Health Improvement Plan or CHIP.  See the link on the left for the original Assessment and Plan results.  This process was repeated at the Community Health Meeting held in October 2015.  Again five Comanche County Health Improvement Plan Priorities were chosen for 2015-2020 using the MAPP Framework Process.  CHIP priorities for the next five years are as follows:

  • Mental Health
  • Obesity
  • Substance Abuse (Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs)
  • Violence and Crime
  • Poverty

As you can see, Obesity and Violence are recurring priorities that were also included in the previous CHIP.  Whereas the previous CHIP listed Access to Care and Tobacco as distinct areas, the new CHIP will shift focus slightly on Poverty and Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs.  Mental Health is a new addition to the CHIP for Comanche County.  Though Sexual Health is no longer included in the CHIP, Comanche County Health Department will continue to work to address the needs of the community through outreach and partnerships in this area.  These five focus areas compliment the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan priorities, which are outlined in the document Healthy Oklahoma 2020.  These include Behavioral Health, Social Determinants, Obesity, and Tobacco Use.

If you are interested in joining a workgroup please contact Comanche County Health Department Regional Director Brandie O'Connor at (580) 248-5890, or BrandieO@health.ok.gov.

To support the Community Health Improvement Plan efforts, our health department staff provides the following Child Health and Adult Enhancement Programs.

Child Health

The vision of our child health focused programs is to decrease unintentional illness and injury in children through promising practice and evidence based health education activities, programs, and coalitions.  Currently these community programs include:

  • School Health Index
  • Improving Infant Outcomes
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Health Education

For current information click on the Child Health Programs tab on the left.

Adult Enhancement Programs

The vision of our adult focused programs is to empower community members to make informed decisions about personal health choices through promising practices and evidence based programs, access to care, and information regarding healthy behaviors.  Currently some of these community programs include: 

  • Living Longer, Living Stronger Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
  • Diabetes Education Empowerment Program
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Sexual Health Outreach
  • Other Community Coalitions

For current information click on the Adult Focused Programs tab on the left.

Certified Healthy Oklahoma Programs

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program is a free statewide certification that showcases organizations and communities that are committed to fostering environments that support healthy choices. The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program began in 2003 as a collaborative initiative with four founding partners – the Oklahoma Turning Point Council, the Oklahoma Academy for State Goals, the Oklahoma State Chamber, and the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Here are the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Programs:

For Oklahoma information click on the Certified Healthy Oklahoma Programs site.  For current Comanche County Information click on the Certified Healthy tab on the left.

Native American Injury Prevention…. Kiowa, Caddo, and Comanche Counties
The Native American Injury Prevention Coalition (NAIPC) has been working on decreasing unintentional injuries and educating the community since 1996. This is when representatives from the Apache, Caddo, Cheyenne – Arapaho, Delaware, Ft. Sill Apache, Kiowa, and Wichita and Affiliated tribes came together to do more about injury prevention and started the NAIPC. Currently the coalition is made up of the prior mentioned tribal representatives, community partners like health educators and nurses from county health departments, Indian Health Service public health nurses, educators, health officers, public service programs like teen suicide prevention, and many more supportive people.

Throughout the years the goals of the coalition has changed depending on injury statistics and available community educational opportunities. Currently the Native American Injury Prevention Coalition has quarterly goals where a community educational or outreach event is performed. The goals vary from summer safety to infant mortality to elder falls prevention depending on national initiatives and/or local need.  To locate the current contact information please call Sarah Lambaria at (580) 585-6612, or SarahL@health.ok.gov.


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