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Community Health Improvement Plan - Tobacco

 According to the State of the County’s Health Report from 2014, while smoking rates continue to decline in the United States, tobacco is still the leading contributor of preventable deaths in the United States, resulting in 80-90% of lung cancer deaths, 90% of deaths from chronic lower respiratory disease, and increasing risk of coronary heart disease and stroke deaths.  Oklahoma has consistently had one of the highest rates of adult smoking in the country, with an estimated 23.3% of Oklahoma adults being smokers in 2012.  While this rate is higher than the national rate of 19.6%, it represents a significant decline from Oklahoma’s 2011 rate of 26.1%.

Across 2005-2010 in Comanche County, 31.0% of adults were smokers. This is 5% less than the percentage of adult smokers reported in the previous County Health Report but is 24% more than the state rate of 25.0% across the same time period. Health care costs associated with smoking were approximately $480.4 million in Comanche County.

Of concern are other types of tobacco use, such as smokeless tobacco and now e-cigarettes. Almost 7% of Oklahoma adults use smokeless tobacco products (6.9% in 2011 and 6.7% in 2012), with almost 70% of smokeless tobacco users also being smokers. Data are still being gathered about e-cigarettes, but their usage has increased among adults as well as middle and high school students nationally.  For the most recent results for Comanche County click on this link:  2014 Comanche County Health Profile.

The Southwest Tobacco Free Oklahoma Coalition (SWTFOC), the tobacco workgroup, encourages people to become more engaged and committed to making a difference on tobacco related issues.  SWTFOC is a coalition funded by a Communities of Excellence in Tobacco grant from the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust.  To get involved with SWTFOC, contact Sandy Foster at FosterS@ccmhonline.com.  

The Tobacco Work Group has two objectives:
By 2015, reduce Comanche County’s adult smoking rate from 27.5% to less than 26%.
By 2015, reduce tobacco use in Comanche County from 32.8% to 30%.

The group has seven strategies:
Strategy 1:  Effective tobacco control policy
Strategy 2:  Prevent youth initiation
Strategy 3:  Promote tobacco cessation services
Strategy 4:  Enhance coalition building
Strategy 5:  Effective use of media
Strategy 6:  Eliminate secondhand smoke exposure
Strategy 7:  Reduce tobacco industry influences

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