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Child Health

Vision: Decrease unintentional illness and injury in children through promising practice and evidence-based health education activities, programs, and coalitions.

School Health Index
Health-related factors such as hunger, physical and emotional abuse, and chronic illness can lead to poor school performance. Health-risk behaviors such as substance use, violence, and physical inactivity are consistently linked to academic failure, missed days, and poor test scores. The School Health Index is a free tool designed to help schools identify strengths and weaknesses of their health promotion policies and programs. It provides the opportunity to develop an action plan for improving student health, ultimately leading to better test scores. Our Health Education staff offers assistance to schools wishing to complete the School Health Index as part of their Health and Fit School Advisory Committee, SB:1627.  Contact 580-248-5890 for more information. 

Improving Infant Outcomes - the OSDH Commissioner’s Action Team on Reduction of Infant Mortality was convened May 2007 with the overarching goal of reducing infant mortality in Oklahoma. The team has expanded to include external partners in a collaborative initiative, "Preparing For A Lifetime, It's Everyone's Responsibility", to reduce infant mortality and other adverse birth outcomes as well as reduce racial disparities for such outcomes.  Contact 580-248-5890 for more information. 

Child Passenger Safety (0-12 years)
The Comanche County Health Department partners with Safe Kids Worldwide to offer several car seat events throughout the year.  Visit www.safekids.org for more general information.  At these events, certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians can teach you how to properly install a car seat and can also check whether a seat has been correctly installed.  The health department has Child Passenger Safety Technicians on staff as well as a limited supply of car seats available. To qualify for our program: 

  • Please bring proof of assistance (WIC, TANF, etc.)
  • You must be the legal guardian of the child
  • Child must be present or within six weeks of due date
  • Please arrive in the vehicle used most often for transporting your child

For more information, call Comanche County Health Department at 580-248-5890.

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