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Avian Influenza

Note: the widely publicized Asian H7N9 avian influenza, or "bird flu", is not present anywhere in North America.  There have been no records of positive tests in wild or domestic birds, or cases of human illness in the US.

For more information on the Avian Influenza please visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health website or click here.

Seasonal Flu

We currently have not received our flu vaccine.  Please check back with us toward the end of the month into early October for available times for flu shots. 

Flu Season has arrived.  Adults and children can be sick with the flu for a week or more.  Additionally, flu can be serious and can cause:  fever, headache, extreme fatigue, and body aches.  Adults and children with underlying health conditions such as asthma or diabetes may become ill enough to require hospitalization.  The single best way to help prevent the spread of the seasonal flu is the get a flu vaccination each year.    

There will be a $25 dollar charge for those who don’t qualify for free shots.  To qualify for a free shot as an adult you must have either Medicaid, Medicare, 65 years of age or older, or be 185% below the poverty level.  We will have onsite screening to assess if individuals qualify for a free flu shot.  For children the Vaccine For Children (VFC) program allows for free shots if your child meets one of the following criteria: Medicaid/Soonercare, Medicare, No Insurance, Private Insurance that does not cover vaccine, Native American, or Native Alaskan.  Please contact the Carter County Health Department if you should have further questions about qualifications for free shots.  

We will be billing all insurances for flu vaccine. If the claim is denied by your insurance you will receive a bill for $25 for the cost of your shot.  Please bring your insurance card with you so that we can process your insurance claim.  

For questions please call the Carter County Health Department at 580-223-9705 or you may email healthycarter@health.ok.gov

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