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CATCH Kids Club Administration & Evaluation

This page will guide CATCH Kids Club (CKC) sites through the implementation and evaluation of the CKC program.    

Administration Packets:

CKC Administration Packets are due by September 30, 2013. Please send them to the CATCH coordinator, Ericka Johnson (contact information below). 

Administration Packet (New Sites)

Administration Packet (Continuing Sites)

Evaluation Forms

Levels of Evaluation

Evaluation Protocols


                                        Survey - Hard Copy (Please Print and copy in color)

                                        Survey PowerPoint (Please Print the answer sheet with the PowerPoint)

                                  Survey Answer Sheet

           Please contact program personnel below to activate an online link for the student survey.

                                      CKC Evaluation Log

                                      Environmental Scan for HEPA Standards

                                      CKC Pacer Tracking Table

Health Educator Forms:

Technical Assistance Guidelines

Informed Consent

Inventory Log

CKC Curriculum Package Request Form

Physical Activity Observation Form

Nutrition Observation Form


Contact Information:

Submit required documents to CATCH Coordinator:

Ericka Johnson, MBA,CHES                             
1000 N.E. 10th Street, Room 508                        
Oklahoma City, OK 73117                                      
(405) 271-9444 ext. 56550                                     
(405) 271-1225 fax                                                  


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