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TOTS Brief - The Oklahoma Toddler Survey Data and Reports

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TOTS Brief

Volume X
#1 Toddler Nutrition and Physical Activity March 2018 (521k)

Volume IX
#1 Discrimination in Accessing Health Care October 2016 (171k pdf)
#2 Child Care Arrangements and Cost  November 2016 (172k pdf)

Volume VIII
#1 Residential Moving and Maternal Stress September 2015 (140k pdf)

Volume VII

Bedtime Routines for Toddlers in Oklahoma - TOTS Brief July 2014 (139kb pdf)
Reasons for Delaying Immunizations March 2014 (74kb pdf)

Volume VI 
Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Homes and Vehicles (204k pdf)
Birth Control Use at Two Years Post Partum (415.7k pdf)
Car Seat Safety and Information (362.3k pdf)

Volume V
Life Stressors Among Mothers of Two-Year-Olds - April 2012 (744.3k pdf)
Subsequent Pregnancy Among Teen Mothers (421.4 pdf)

Volume lV
Breastfeeding Duration among Native Americans - July 2011 (104.4k pdf)

Volume lIl
TV Time (517k pdf)
Immunizations (134.5k.pdf)

Volume ll
Injury - June 2008 (75.2k.pdf)
Child Care - October 2008 (73.7k.pdf)

Volume l
Health Insurance Coverage - July 2006 (276k.pdf)
















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