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 PRAMS Data and Reports

PRAMS Reports by Topic

PRAMSgrams have been converted to .PDF files and may be downloaded from the archive below. The .PDF file format is only viewable with the Adobe(TM) Acrobat(TM) Reader. If you do not already have the Acrobat(TM) reader, you may get it FREE from Adobe(TM).

PRAMSGRAM - Infant Safe Sleep Practices among Oklahoma American Indian Mothers April 2018 (757.5k)

PRAMS Brief - Birth Control Practices among Oklahoma Teen Mothers August 2017 (527.4K)
PRAMS Brief - Preconception Wellness among Mothers with Medicaid August 2017 (158.5k)

Oral Health During Pregnancy PRAMS Brief
(789k pdf) September 2016
Patterns of Postpartum Birth Control Use after an Unintended Pregnancy (841k) Summer 2016
Pre and Postnatal Stressors (195k pdf) - Spring 2016

Baby Friendy Hospital Practices in Oklahoma, 2012  (872k pdf) - September 2015
Preconception Care and Racial Disparities - Summer 2015 (501k pdf)

Barriers to Prenatal Care in Oklahoma (752k pdf)
Bed-Sharing Practices Among First Time Mothers Who Breastfed at Least Eight Weeks (811k pdf) August 2014
Multivitamin Use Before Pregnancy Among American Indian Mothers (256.3k pdf) April 2014
Pre-pregnancy Maternal Overweight as a Risk Factor for Child Overweight (246.5k pdf)

First Trimester Prenatal Care and Impact on Household Smoking Rules (670k pdf)
Early Term and Full Term Births in Oklahoma (655.9k pdf)
Pre-Pregnancy Binge Drinking and Postpartum Depression (473k pdf)

Prepregnancy Alcohol Use Brief (618.9k pdf)
Duration and Exclusivity of Breastfeeding in Oklahoma Brief (159.6k pdf)
Birth Defects in Oklahoma (940.8k .pdf)
Gestational Diabetes among Oklahoma Women (845.6k pdf)
Bed-Sharing with Infants in Oklahoma
(609.2k pdf)

Influenza Vaccination and Pregnant Women (166.1k pdf)
Flu Information for Pregnant Women (429.9 kb)
Maternal Smoking Brief, October 2011
(435.5 kb)
Characteristics of Toddlers and Infants with Up-to-Date Immunization Status (238.3k pdf)

Preconception Care and Its Impact in Oklahoma (818.8k pdf)

Early and Late Preterm Birth in Oklahoma (766k pdf)
Stressors, Social Supports and Pregnancy Outcomes among African American and White Mothers (708.9k pdf)
Prenatal Care Counseling Disparities in Oklahoma (454.9k pdf)

PRAMSGRAM example page2008
African American Health Disparities (603.3k pdf) 
Maternal Depression (229.4k pdf)

Preconception Care (252k.pdf)

Native American Mothers in Oklahoma (1.5mb pdf)
Infant Sleep Position (367k.pdf)
Father's Intention of Pregnancy (653k.pdf)

Maternal Overweight and Obesity (1.8m.pdf)
Unintended Pregnancy (1.8m.pdf)

Maternal Smoking (2.4m.pdf)

Adolescent Pregnancy (237k .pdf) 
Breastfeeding, Part II: Duration (145k .pdf)
Summer 2005 Insert (235k .pdf)
Breastfeeding, Part I: Initiation (844k .pdf) 
Spring 2005 Insert (314k .pdf) 
Breastfeeding Tips Insert Updated 2009
(745.7k pdf)


Folic Acid Knowledge and Multivitamin Use Among Oklahoma Women (72k .pdf)
First Time Mothers Age 35 and Older in Oklahoma (45k .pdf)

Poverty Among Oklahoma Women Delivering a Live Birth: A Socio-Demographic Profile (46k .pdf)
Women Who Quit Smoking During Pregnancy (60k .pdf)
Repeat Births to Teens in Oklahoma (61k .pdf)

Unwanted Pregnancy In Oklahoma (51k .pdf)
Perinatal Characteristics of Women in Oklahoma: A Comparison Of Communities (146k .pdf)
Prenatal Weight Gain And Birth Weight Among Oklahoma Mothers (139k .pdf)

Depression After Delivery Among Oklahoma Mothers (135k .pdf)
The Association Between Mother's Age At First Birth And Education (170k .pdf)
Initiation Of Prenatal Care Among Women Having A Live Birth In Oklahoma (120k .pdf)

A Comparison of Prenatal Characteristics Between Native American And White Women In Oklahoma (674k .pdf)



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