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group of adolescents standingAdolescent Health Program

Mission of Program: To address the most important health challenges among young people, which include too-early parenthood, intentional and unintentional injury, violence, substance abuse, and access to primary health care.

Description of Program:

  • Implements teen pregnancy prevention strategies through community-based teen pregnancy prevention projects.
  • Provides adolescent health services.
  • Develops programs that reduce risk-taking behaviors of adolescents (violence, suicide, unintentional injury, substance abuse).
  • Promotes the health of adolescents through education, technical assistance and training for parents, grandparents, teens, schools, communities, and health and youth service providers.
  • Provides leadership for a legislatively mandated youth suicide prevention task force, providing technical assistance in assessment, policy development and assurance of services.
  • Assists communities and organizations in promoting and building resilience in youth.

Target Population: Adolescents aged 11-21, parents of adolescents, community members and organizations, and health and youth service providers.

Services Offered:

  • Direct health care services include primary and preventive care through local county and contracted health clinics.
  • Enabling services (those services which enable organizations and communities to carry out their programs) include:
    • Let's Talk Month, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month
    • Assisting youth service agencies in identifying health needs of adolescents.
    • Data dissemination.
  • Population based services include:
    • Violence and suicide prevention in school and community settings.
    • Helping communities become more involved in the daily lives of adolescents.
    • Community-based teen pregnancy prevention projects.
    • Parent and community education.
    • Advocacy for health coverage for adolescents through age 18.
  • Infrastructure building services (those services that work to continually improve programs and services that are delivered to adolescents) include:
    • Technical assistance, training, and evaluation for teen pregnancy prevention projects.
    • Working with schools to help them identify resources for addressing the issues facing their students.
    • Intra- and interagency coordination and collaboration on efforts to address adolescent health issues.
    • Training health professionals in current adolescent health issues.


  • Reduction of births to teens ages 15-17.
  • Reduction of suicides among teens ages 15-19.
  • Promotion and provision of health care, and access to health care for the adolescent population.
  • Promotion and implementation of strategies that will reduce the risk-taking behaviors of adolescents.
  • Involvement of communities in adolescent issues.
  • Provision of coordinated efforts that will reduce morbidity and mortality during adolescence.

For more information, contact the Adolescent Health Program at (405) 271-4471.

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention 

Teen Pregnancy in Oklahoma Fact Sheet 2017

Teen Pregnancy in Oklahoma Fact Sheets (1.9MB pdf)

TPP Annual Report Highlights Brochure 2014-2015

TPP Annual Report Highlights Brochure 2015-2016

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Annual Report 2014-2015

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Annual Report 2013-2014


Positive Youth Development

Positive Youth Development: Helping Young People Achieve Full Potential (465.8k pdf)

40 Developmental Assets (Ages 12-18) English Version

40 Developmental Assets (Ages 12-18) Spanish Version


Youth Suicide Prevention 

Oklahoma State Youth Suicide Prevention Plan (138k .pdf )

Oklahoma State Youth Suicide Prevention Plan Executive Summary (30k .pdf)

Oklahoma's Youth Suicide Prevention Toolkit 

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Weight Management

Teen Weight Management (87.7k. pdf)

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Adolescents and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Fact sheet (Jan 2017)

Adolescents and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) Poster (Jan 2017)

National STD Awareness Month Flyer/Poster (2017)


Contact Information:
Child and Adolescent Health Division
1000 Northeast Tenth Street, Rm. 903
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299
Phone: (405) 271-4471

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