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boy using toy blocksChild Care Warmline


The Warmline for Oklahoma Child Care Providers offers free telephone consultation to child care providers on numerous topics of concern.  Consultants can also refer providers to appropriate services and resources within their communities.

 A Consultant Can Help:

  • Clarify a problem
  • Provide information, included printed materials, if available
  • Help generate ideas and solutions
  • Offer guidance on developmentally appropriate practices
  • Provide referrals to meet individual needs and requests
  • Direct providers to relevant resources to assist with a concern
  • Provide follow-up when needed

Consultants answer the Warmline Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. or click here.  Messages left after hours will be answered as
soon as a consultant is available.  Questions can also be emailed

Automated Topic Library:

Effective September 1, 2017, the pre-recorded phone topics are no longer available.  All topics can still be accessed here.


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Child Guidance Service
Oklahoma State Dept. of Health
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, Ok.  73117-1299
(405) 271-4477

Special Announcements
Let's Get Moving!! Animal Crackers. Have a student call out an animal, and have everyone mimic how that animal moves. Give every student a turn to call out an animal.

Action Words. Read a story aloud. Every time a verb comes up, have the students act it out.

Chair-obics. Kids can use their chairs for leg lifts and stretches. Have them sit straight up and extend their legs out to a 180-degree angle for 20 seconds.

Workout Videos. A typical workout video can be pretty long, but most are broken up into shorter sections. You can work through a video in class over the course of a week by breaking it up into daily sections.

Mime Time. Split students into pairs, and have them mirror each other???s actions without talking. Specify who will be the leader first, and tell them to switch after one minute.

Interesting Facts
Staff not feeling well? Help is available!

Contact the Oklahoma Child Care Association to request trained, DHS approved substitutes.

Visit https://www.oklahomachildcareassociation.com/sub-station/ to find out how.

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