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Oklahoma State Department of Health WIC Service Breastfeeding Promotion Program

Breastfeeding promotion is an integral part of the WIC program.
Its goal is to promote and support breastfeeding statewide.

•Mothers who breastfeed may be eligible to receive WIC benefits longer than non-breastfeeding mothers.
•Mothers who exclusively breastfeed their infants will receive an enhanced food package.
•Mothers who breastfeed may be eligible to receive breast pumps to help support their breastfeeding.
•Mothers who breastfeed may receive follow-up support through breastfeeding peer counselors where available.

Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline: 1-877-271-MILK (6455)
24 Hour Toll-Free Breastfeeding Support Line for nursing mothers, their families, partners, prospective parents, and health professionals. All calls returned by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

WIC Breastfeeding Program contact:

Rosanne Smith, RD/LD, IBCLC   Alicia Bergman, RD/LD
Breastfeeding Coordinator   Director of Nutrition Services
Phone: (405) 271-4676 x 50014   Phone: (405) 271-4676 x 50029
or toll free 1-888-655-2942   or toll free 1-888-655-2942
Fax: (405) 271-5763   Fax: (405) 271-5763
E-mail: RosanneS@health.ok.gov   E-mail: AliciaAB@health.ok.gov
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