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Multidisciplinary Child Abuse & Neglect Teams (MDTs) and Child Advocacy Centers

A Multidisciplinary Child Abuse and Neglect Team (MDT) is a group of professionals from various organizations and agencies who work in a coordinated and collaborative manner to ensure an effective response to cases of child abuse and neglect. The team provides a system of checks and balances to prevent the type of situations that occurred with the deaths of Ryan Luke and Shane Coffman. MDTs work to minimize the number of interviews necessary for a child victim of sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect and coordinate the system's response to child maltreatment.

Oklahoma legislation calls for the establishment of teams in every county and the funding of functional MDTs. MDT standards have been established by the Child Abuse Training and Coordination Council, the advisory group to the Child Abuse Training and Coordination program, in accordance with 10 O.S., Supp. 2000, Section 7110.

In summary, the standards include:

  • training on the multidisciplinary team approach,
  • establishing team documents (interagency agreements, investigating and interviewing protocols, and confidentiality statement),
  • conducting regular case review meetings,
  • submitting annual common data collection form, and
  • evaluating function of the team by use of the multidisciplinary team survey.

Teams must meet these standards in order to be considered functional. At the end of SFY 2001, there were 12 developing and 40 functioning teams.

Functional MDTs and Child Advocacy Centers are eligible to received funding from the Child Abuse Multidisciplinary Account (CAMA). The CAMA funds are based on a $10 increase in civil filing fees. The Oklahoma Department of Human Services administers the funds. The lapsing funds revolve to the next year and cannot be used for any other purpose.

The Office of Child Abuse Prevention provides training, consultation, site visits, technical assistance, standards, and data collection instruments to the developing and functioning MDTs across the state.

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