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Oklahoma Heirloom Birth Certificate


What is an Heirloom Birth Certificate?  Oklahoma Heirloom Birth Certificates are now available to purchase.  These unique mementos are only available to native-born Oklahomans and money raised through the sale of these items goes to help fund child abuse prevention efforts across the state. 

 How do you get an Heirloom Birth Certificate?  The birth certificate costs $35 and can be purchased from Vital Records at the Oklahoma State Department of Health (1000 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City).  You may also request birth certificates through the mail by submitting the request form and following the regulations required by Vital Records.  One certified copy of the original birth certificate is included with the purchase of the Heirloom Birth Certificate. 

How does buying an Heirloom Birth Certificate help prevent child abuse?  With every birth certificate purchased, $25 will go to the Child Abuse Training and Coordination Program.  These funds support extended training and technical assistance to Oklahoma professionals and help advance services available for addressing the needs of children in abusive situations by increasing the expertise of Oklahoma professionals. 


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