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Applying for Classified Job Positions

The procedures for applying for a classified job position will vary depending on the type of applicant.

  • If the applicant is a permanent and classified employee of another state agency, an unclassified employee of this agency or another Oklahoma state agency and has reinstatement rights, or is a former employee of any Oklahoma state agency and has reinstatement rights:
    • Submit an OPM-4B (Personal Data Summary Sheet).  
    • Submit a cover letter which must include the title and PIN of the position, the announcement date, and a phone number and mailing address where the applicant can be reached.
  • If the applicant is certified as a House Bill 1340 applicant:
    • Submit a cover letter specifying the position of interest and a copy of qualifying letters from the Department of Rehabilitative Services and from OPM.  The OPM letter must be dated within one year.
    • Note:  Qualifying letters are no longer being issued by OPM.  If the applicant does not already have a current qualifying letter, they must apply through the OKCAREERS Program as outlined below.
    • For more information about the Optional Program for Hiring Applicants with Disabilities, click HERE.
  • If the applicant is not a current Oklahoma state employee or a former employee with reinstatement rights:
    • Apply through the OKCAREERS Program as outlined below.
  • Note:  There are certain classified positions requiring professional practice licensure or those positions meeting approval criteria as hard-to-fill for which applicants can apply directly to the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Click HERE for more information about these positions and how to apply for them.


Enrolling in the OKCAREERS Program

  1. Go to www.ok.gov/opm
  2. Click State Jobs
  3. Click Current Jobs  (Once enrolled you can receive emails on future announcements by clicking the Notify Me of New Jobs box on this page)
  4. Click New User Registration
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and Click Fill out the Application NOW using the Internet
  6. Review the instructions, check the I agree with the above terms of use box  and Click the “I am a NEW USER” box and complete the application tab-by-tab 

Note: You must have an email address to enroll into OKCAREERS

Reviewing the Job Family Descriptor for each position of interest

  1. Go to www.ok.gov/opm
  2. Click "HR and Employee Services"
  3. Scroll down and click on "Job Family Descriptors"
  4. Click on the Job Family of interest to view the individual descriptions (use this language on your application as it applies to you)

Applying for an announced vacancy

  1. Go to www.ok.gov/opm
  2. Click State Jobs
  3. Click Current Jobs
  4. Scroll down to review the announcements
  5. Click on the announcements of interest to review the particulars
  6. Click either Apply or Apply Online on the Announcement page
  7. Review the application instructions, check the “I agree with the above terms of use” box and Click the “I have ALREADY REGISTERED” box
  8. Enter your UserID and Password
  9. Follow instructions for supplemental questionnaire, locations, etc, and click submit when completed


Instructions for the Online Application

  • To restore this screen, click on the [HELP] button at the top of the application.
  • The application may be filled out in any order by clicking on the tabs that look like this at the top of the application [EEO/AA] [PROFILE] [SCHOOL] [WORK] [REVIEW] [SEND] or the application may be filled out in the order presented, allowing the online application to guide the applicant through the process.
  • To exit the application and come back to finish it later, click on [EXIT] at the top of the application.  A screen will show instructions on how to finish the application later and the applicant will be given the option of either "exiting" or continuing.
  • All data is saved as the applicant moves from part to part, even if  the tabs at the top of the application are used to move to a new part before submitting the current part.  However, all required parts must eventually be "Submitted" by clicking on the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom of each part. The applicant will be given the option to [REVIEW] the application as it will appear when received by the State of Oklahoma.  Changes can be made to any part and then submitted again before clicking on the button in the [SEND] part.
  • It is advised that the applicant print the application in the [REVIEW] part for his or her records.
  • The applicant may review, print for his or her records or complete any previously created application by clicking on Current Employment Opportunities.
  • This application may be used for another job by returning to the Current Employment Opportunities, clicking on a job and choosing to apply online. The applicant's password and UserID will be recognized and the option will be given to copy an existing application into the new application.
  • Contact the Office of Personnel Management via e-mail, phone: (405) 521-2171 or fax: (405) 521-6308 about any questions concerning this application or the selection process.


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