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Careers in Public Health Programs

Administrative Services
Administrative Services provides the staff support essential for the operations of the OSDH central office facility and the county health departments. This includes Human Resources, Accounting Services, Budget and Funding, Procurement, Federal Funds Development, and Building Management/Internal Services.

Positions include accountant, budget analyst, human resources specialist, accounting technician, and administrative programs officer.

Community and Family Health Services
Most public health services are delivered through a system of county health departments located around the state. Registered nurses provide a wide range of health care services. Consumer protection services are provided by public health specialists who inspect food establishments, barber shops, lodging facilities, schools/day care centers and public bathing places, including swimming pools and spas. Child guidance services operate through a network of county health departments to provide preventive diagnostic and treatment services for developmental, psychological, speech, language, and hearing problems. Community Development Service, comprised of Primary Care and Rural Health Development, Health Promotion, and Turning Point, collaborates with community partners in coordinated ways to improve the state’s health. Community-based activities include increasing health care through critical access hospitals and federally qualified health clinics. Community Development Services also helps communities establish partnerships that identify local public health and prevention needs. 
Family Health Services provides a number of programs related to all ages and provides technical support to the county clinical activities: includes Family Support and Child Abuse Prevention, Child Guidance, Dental Service, Maternal and Child Health, SoonerStart, and Women Infants and Children Nutrition (WIC).

Positions include registered nurse, public health specialist, child development specialist, psychological clinician, clinical social worker, speech-language pathologist, audiologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist and nutrition therapist, health educator, social services specialist, Local Emergency Response Coordinator, 

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Prevention and Preparedness Services
These service area provides a number of programs related to all ages and provides technical support to the county clinical activities:

Prevention and Preparedness Services includes Immunization, HIV/Sexually Transmitted Disease, Acute Disease, Tobacco Use Prevention, Chronic Disease, Injury Prevention, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Public Health Laboratory Service, and Screening and Special Services.

Positions include registered nurse, epidemiologist, disease intervention specialist, statistical research specialist, emergency response planner and laboratory scientist.

Protective Health Services
Protective Health Services ensures health care for Oklahomans by providing regulatory oversight of the state’s health care delivery services through a system of inspection, licensure and/or certification. Protective Health Services includes: Consumer Health, Long-Term Care, Emergency Services, Medical Facilities, 

Positions include public health specialist, clinical health facility surveyor, health facility surveyor, and occupational licensure specialist.

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