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Definition of Fetal Death (Stillbirth)

Now let's look at the definition of a stillbirth, or fetal death (63 OS 1-301.6):

Death prior to the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of human conception after a period of gestation as prescribed by the State Board of Health.  The death is indicated by the facts that, after such expulsion or extraction, the fetus does not breathe or show any other evidence of life such as beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles. 

The "period of gestation as prescribed by the State Board of Health" is found in Oklahoma Administrative Code 310:105-5-1(b).  It reads:

Fetal death defined.  A gestation period of twenty (20) weeks or more is hereby prescribed in defining the term "fetal death."

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