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Importance of Birth Registration

A birth record is a statement of facts concerning an individual.  It is a permanent legal record.  Throughout life, a person uses his or her certificate to prove age, parentage, and citizenship.  Birth certificates are needed for entrance to school; voter registration; obtaining a driver’s license, marriage license, passport, veterans’ benefits, welfare aid, or social security benefits; and many other purposes. 

Annual vital statistics are compiled on the number and rate of births by characteristics such as; place of birth, place of residence of mother, age of mother, plurality, and birth weight.  Population composition and growth are estimated using these data.  Educational systems and institutions, government agencies, and private industry find this information essential in planning and evaluating programs in public health and other important areas. 

The medical and health information on the birth certificate can be used to study the conditions that may lead to infant death.  This information also helps in establishing programs to address problems associated with infant death. 

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