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Common Errors and How to Avoid Them

One common error is filing a birth certificate with medical indicators identifying an at-risk delivery.  These include low birth weight, short gestation, an Apgar score of 0, or other risk factors.  Similarly, we may receive a death certificate that has an age recorded as 0.  These are indications that the event may actually have been a stillbirth. 

Another common error is that we receive a birth certificate and a stillbirth certificate for the same infant.  Or we receive a death certificate and a stillbirth certificate for the same infant.  Or we may receive a death certificate for an infant, but not have a birth certificate on file, indicating the original birth event may have been a stillbirth. 

The most common error is a certificate submitted with blank items, particularly in the medical information section.  Only under certain circumstances can a few of these items be left blank.  All other items must be answered. 

Make sure a proper certificate(s) is filed in accordance with Oklahoma Statutes and rules established by the State Board of Health.  Cases should be reviewed carefully.  If questions arise about any information contained within the chart, contact the attending physician.  If there are still questions, contact Vital Records immediately. 

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