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Self-Training Tutorials

In order to use ROVER you must have a log in and be trained.  If you are a physician, physician’s assistant, birth clerk, or funeral director interested in an in-person training, you can call or email to schedule one and it will be provided free of charge.  

You can email AskRover@health.ok.gov, or call 405.271.5380 with questions or to talk about scheduling a visit.

Fill out this form if you’d like us to contact you to set up a training.

We currently offer Physicians the ability to watch a tutorial video and submit their information without going through an in-person training. The online training video is below.


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Physicians Data Sheet (PDF, 272.1 KB)


Physician Assistant / Office Manager

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Physician Assistant Data Sheet (PDF, 327.5 KB)


Funeral Home Training

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Funeral Director Data Sheet (PDF, 153.2 KB)

Funeral Home Assistant Data Sheet (PDF, 153.4 KB)


Birth Clerk Training

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Birth Clerk Data Sheet (PDF, 171.0 KB)


This flyer and chart demonstrate the features and benefits of registering deaths electronically; including families receiving the certificate in half the time, as well as significantly faster and more accurate reporting for cause of death to the National Center for Health Statistics.  


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