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Site Design

Unless otherwise approved by the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES), OK.gov state agency websites must utilize the standardized state agency template. The template was created to produce a more cohesive look and navigation for all of Oklahoma's state agencies. By doing this, a stronger sense of trust is created for the end user. Using a similar layout and graphics, the end user will always know that they are visiting an Oklahoma government website. (Note: Although the navigational link locations and layout are to remain essentially the same, some graphical elements and colors may be altered to help agencies differentiate themselves and have their own distinctive look.)

gen4 agency template diagram


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Fixed Features 

    1. Header – Standard section of the template to indicate the beginning of the page. The header area is where optional features such as, print/share and module links can also display if enabled.
    2. Underlying State Seal Graphic – Will display behind the agency name.
    3. Agency Name – Will remain in the header, even when viewed from a mobile device.
    4. Search and OK.gov LogoWill display in the header, but will be a smaller version when viewed from a mobile device. (The OK.gov logo will be linked to the portal and open in a new window.) This feature allows the viewer to search for information on the agency’s website.
    5. Current Features – Banner images that can rotate up to 6 featured images and be linked to the agency's desired locations. (Note: Current Features can be disabled from displaying on interior sub-pages.)
    6. Main Navigation Links – Display above body content and can display up to 6 main menu links in either a static or drop-down style. (Note: Drop-down will display up to three levels and does not have quantity limitations.)
    7. Body Content – Area of the template where agencies place page content. The background color for body content is white. (Note: Breadcrumbs will display as page indicators directly below the main navigation menu bar on interior sub-pages. Additionally, each page of the site has an optional Right Content area to display additional information.)
    8. Footer Links – Links that direct viewers to: About OK.gov, OK.gov Policies, and the agency's Accessibility page.
    9. Social Media Links – Area where the state approved social media networks display. These links can either direct viewers to the agency's social media pages or default to the OK.gov sites.
    10. Footer – Standard section of the template to indicate the end of the page.

Customizable Areas
The customizable areas consist of the middle Body Content section, and the Right Content section. In these areas colors, images, links or anything else appropriate for the site can be altered by the agency.

Partially Customizable Areas
The partially customizable areas consist of the Main Navigation, the Module Links, and the Agency Name. In these areas, the colors, layout and images will remain the same. However, link names can be altered. (Note: Any deviation that strays too far away from the standardized state agency template, is subject to OMES approval.)

The State of Oklahoma's Web accessibility guidelines apply to all OK.gov templates.

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