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As part of the Go Gov! Web Management Suite package, users receive:

    arrow  Web site Hosting
    arrow  All Future Upgrades and Maintenance     
    arrow  Google Search Engine on your Site        
    arrow  Web site Statistics   
    arrow  Home Page Design (Complimentary service includes up to 4 hours of design work. Additional time may incur additional costs.)
    arrow  Training     
    arrow  Continued Customer Support

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Add-Ons Available Now!


DATA.OK.gov - (provided at an additional fee)
DATA.OK.gov enables the public and media to utilize the state’s Open Records data in a variety of ways, including: 


arrow  View and download raw statistics
arrow  Conduct research and analysis of data sets
arrow  Build applications for use on websites
arrow  Embed charts, maps, and other data
arrow  Share data on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg and through email

small blue arrowView DATA.OK.gov in Action


gov delivery

GovDelivery - (provided at an additional fee)
GovDelivery’s Digital Communications Management platform (DCM) can be used to deliver important alerts, announcements and updated information to citizens. This web-based solution monitors websites for content updates and automatically generates email or text message alerts when changes are detected on designated web pages. Messages can also be sent manually at any time. 


arrow  Effectiveness - Reach more people
arrow  Efficiency - Automate complex communications
arrow  Engagement - Create mission content

small blue arrowLearn More About Gov Delivery


newsroom icon

News Room - No Additional Cost!
The purpose of the News Room module is to provide agencies with the ability to showcase news articles in a single location on their Web site to the public and provide access to archives and RSS feeds of news articles. 


arrow  Create News Articles
arrow  Assign Posting Date for Article to Publish on
arrow  Comment Section for Viewer Feedback
arrow  Sync RSS Feeds to News Room

small blue arrowView News Room in Action


County Map

County Map - (provided at an additional fee)
Provide viewers with quick access to a centralized area of your Web site where they can easily find the specific information they need for any of the 77 Oklahoma counties.  Get creative and link several counties to the same URL in order to provide viewers with "regional" information. 

Create a Map to Help Viewers Find:

arrow  County Health Departments
arrow  Election Polling Places

arrow  District Officials
arrow  Job Opportunities


small blue arrowView County Map in Action


rss icon

RSS Feeds - No Additional Cost
Tease your viewers with tidbits of content from your Web site by providing them with information on your site using the RSS Feeds module.  RSS Feeds can actually improve your site’s visibility; by making it easier for your users to keep up with your site updates, and it’s more likely that they’ll come back if they know something's available that interests them.  RSS Feeds encompass topics that can either be assigned as Automatic feeds or users can create a "hot topic" custom feed.  Use one of the three default "Automatic Feeds" categories and place them in active or inactive status, or use the "Custom Feeds" option to create feeds to any other recently updated topics in your site.  

Automatic Feeds: (default topics)

arrow  Calendar Updates
arrow  Last Modified Pages
arrow  Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Feeds:  (all other topics)

arrow  Press Releases or News Articles
arrow  Job Postings
arrow  Reports or Brochures

small blue arrowLearn How to Set Up RSS Feeds on your Site

small blue arrowView RSS Feeds in Action


Multi-Media Manager** (First 100MB of storage is no additional cost. Additional storage available at an additional cost.)
Make your Web site an interactive experience for your visitors by providing video and audio files. The Multi-Media Manager will provide as a repository for you to upload video and audio files to your Web site. This service will operate much like the existing Document and Image Managers and will be available to all Go Gov! accounts. Account holders will be responsible for providing video and audio files that meet the state of Oklahoma's Accessibility standards.

small blue arrowLearn More About How to Make Video and Audio Files Accessible


Form Builder

Form Builder - (provided at an additional fee)
Reduce paperwork and collect information from your Web site visitors with online forms. Create surveys, user feedback forms, contact forms, employment forms and much more. The Form Builder service allows you to create online forms quickly and easily. With its data storing capabilities, the Form Builder is a powerful service that will allow you to edit forms, gather responses and view results.

arrow  Create as many forms as you need.
arrow  Insert multiple types of fields such as multiple choice, single option and e-mail address.
arrow  Export the data collected from each form.

 small blue arrowView Form Builder in Action



Online Registration System^ - (provided at an additional fee)
Allow your visitors to register online for events such as training courses, expos and seminars. The Online Registration System also enables you to collect payments associated with the event. The system utilizes the existing calendar system to display and organize the events to the public, but has a separate management tool to manage the courses, registrations and payments. 

arrow  View event roster.
arrow  Allow users to cancel their registration.
arrow  Export the registration data collected from each event.

small blue arrowLearn More About the Registration System

small blue arrowView Registration System in Action


current features

Current Features* - (No Additonal Cost with Gen4 standard state agency template)
Showcase special features and articles on your homepage by taking advantage of the Current Features module. Current Features allows Go Gov! account holders to upload an image, URL, and headline for multiple features, as well as sort the order in which they appear. The Go Gov! account holder can also maintain archived Current Features for future use.

arrow  View Current Features in Action


password protection icon

Password Protection - (provided at an additional fee)
The Password Protection module enables users to limit access to directories within their Web site.

arrow  Add usernames and passwords to directory to password protect.
arrow Once the directory is published, only users with approved accounts can access the directory.
arrow Utilizes Apaches HTTP Basic Authentication before allowing access to a directory.

small blue arrowView Password Protection in Action

login: gogov
password: gogov



Calendar System - No Additional Cost!
Display your events, meetings and seminars on your site in the Go Gov! Calendar. The calendar allows you to post and organize events using categories. Public posting is an optional feature that allows the public to post events on the calendar pending approval. Agencies can gain additional exposure for their events with the option to post each event to the State Calendar on OK.gov.

small blue arrowView Calendar in Action


Site Index

Site Index - No Additional Cost!
Improve the search ability of your site by providing quick and easy access to an alphabetical listing of your site's content in a Site Index. The Site Index also allows you to create cross-references to pages on your site. Call to activate the site index on your account and to receive a demo. 

small blue arrowView Site Index in Action



Frequently Asked Questions - No Additional Cost!
Reduce the number of incoming phone calls by displaying frequently asked questions in one area. Add, edit and delete the questions and answers with a quick click! Post as many as desired. FAQ's are numbered and categorized on the site for quick reference. 

small blue arrowView FAQs in Action


contact form

Public Contact Forms - No Additional Cost!
Organize your incoming e-mail inquiries with contact forms that allow the public to select what subject they are inquiring about. The Contact Forms service allows you to create forms with designated subjects and recipients. 

small blue arrowView Contact Form in Action

Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay^ - No Additional Cost!
Allow citizens to make payments online. The Go Gov! Online Bill Pay allows agencies to create multiple types of payment types for your visitors to select from. Online Bill Pay accepts all major credit cards and Electronic Fund Transfers. 

small blue arrowView Bill Pay Demo
small blue arrowView Bill Pay in Action
small blue arrowMore Information About Online Bill Pay

^ Per transaction fee may apply. *Additional cost for time and materials may apply for custom formatting. ** Services coming soon.