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Directions for how to use the RSS Feeds Module

Step 1:  Request that OK.gov activate this module for your CMS Account.  rss-options
Step 2:  Log into your CMS account, and click on the "RSS Feeds" tab to expand the options.  (Located in the left navigational area)

Option 1 - Manage My RSS Feeds

This area allows you to update existing feeds that you have created or you can create a new custom feed.  

  • See "Directions for Creating/Editing Feeds" 

Option 2 - Manage All RSS Feeds

This area allows you to update all of the account's existing feeds (custom and automatic) or create new custom feeds.

This is also the area to update the title of the module that you would like to appear in the header on every page on your live site. 

  • Click on the "Update Title" button to make changes to the title.

You can select which feeds you would like to display automatically in this area as well.  (Calendar, FAQs, and/or Last Modified Pages)  

  • Click on the "Update" button whenever automatic feeds are updated.

add or edit rss feed

Option 3 - View RSS Feeds

This area allows you to see what the RSS Feeds will look like on your live site once you've published.  Any automatic feeds will be listed first, followed by any custom feeds that have been created.

  rss view

Directions for Creating/Editing Custom Feeds:

  1. To create a new feed, click on the "Create New RSS Feed" link.
  2. To edit an existing feed, click on the pencil icon next to the feed.
  3. Your feed's title should be both inviting and informative. (Ex:  "Newsletters")
  4. The summary of your feed needs to give a broad overview of what your feed is so that viewers know what they will be subscribing to.  (Ex:  "Find out what our upcoming events are, learn what resources are available, and get other valuable information about our agency by subscribing to our monthly newsletter publications.")
  5. If you assign your feed's status to "Active," it will display to the public.  Select "no" next to this option to hide the feed from viewers.
  6. "News" feeds can be posted to the Statewide Newsroom section of the OK.gov Web site.
  7. Save any desired updates or click "Cancel" to return to the previous page.
  8. Feed options are: edit, delete, and preview.  Note: If you delete a feed, you will also delete any items that have been added to the feed.
  9. Each feed will need to have at least one item for viewers to subscribe. Either enter a new title for an item or edit an existing item.  (Ex:  "October Newsletter")
  10. List the full URL to the subscription page/area you are referencing.  Whenever this area is published, subscribers will receive a notification.
  11. The item's summary can be more succinct than the feed's summary. (Ex:  "Learn how you can reduce paper consumption by saving trees.  View this month's board meeting minutes.  Be sure to update your records with our new contact information.")
  12. It's very important to include the date of the item so that subscribers know how current the information is.
  13. Click on the "Add Item" to append this item to the list of previously created items. 

 add or edit rss item

  1. Feeds and Items can be edited by selecting the "pencil" icon or deleted by clicking on the "trash can" icon.
  2. You have options on where you would like the link to your RSS Feeds to be on your Web site.  Both of the following options are located in the "Site Options" area of your account.  (See diagram below.)
  • As a Custom Link In the Header
  • As an Image/Link in the Left Nav

placement of rss links

  NOTE:  In order for RSS Feed updates to be seen on your live site, you will need to publish your homepage.