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Go Gov! Updates  December 2009

New Features

  • Image Manager
    An update has been made to the Image Manager allowing users the ability to modify images.  To update images from the Image Manager, simply click on the pencil icon next to the image you would like to modify.  This update provides users with the ability to replace an existing image or alter the image's title and alt text.  (Note: File names must remain the same in order for the system to replace images located on your Web site, and only an image with the same file type can be used to replace an existing one.)  We've also incorporated an "Event Log" to help track which users add, modify or move images.  BTW:  The Multimedia Manager will be receiving a similar update in the near future as well.

  • Sort Order of Pages
    Ever struggle finding a page in your account? Now you can easily find pages with our new sort feature.  Pages can be sorted alphabetically both ascending and descending by simply clicking on the "Name" heading title located at the top of the page listing.


Bug Fixes

  • Table alignment was aligning text rather than the entire table.
  • Editing a form's properties through the Form Builder module changed the form's approval status to pending rather than not affecting the status at all.
  • When inserting symbols through the Text Editor, the database wasn't recognizing them all.
  • Fixed various grammatical and spelling errors found throughout the account.


Newly Launched Sites!


As always feel free to contact the OK.gov Content Management System support team if you have questions about this update, any other Go Gov! feature, or if you need assistance.  By using the contact information listed below, you can be assured that a CMS team member will be available to assist with any of your Web site needs.

OK.gov Web Management Support
PH: 405.524.3468 X 9
E-mail: cms@www.ok.gov

~Your friends at OK.gov