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Inside GOGOV!

GoGov! was created to improve access to government, reduce service-processing costs and enable governments to provide a higher quality of services to their citizens. 

GoGov! offers a full range of solutions for web management to assist in developing a website fast and easy!  Please review the information below, and if you want to learn more about GoGov!, call for a demonstration: 405-524-3468 or 800-955-3468.  You can also contact OK.gov via email.

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Content Management

Content Management
Control the body content of all pages and directories utilizing a Java based text editor: EditLive! The text editor's friendly, desktop-like user interface allows users to:

    • Create high quality content with CSS.
    • Use real-time spell checking and word suggestions with Thesaurus Tool.
    • Copy and paste clean HTML from Word and elsewhere.
    • Build robust tables and edit with rich table editing.
    • Connect your content faster and easier by linking to internal pages, directories and documents and to external sites.
    • Place and edit images in content.


group permissions icon

Group Based Permissions
Agency administrators can provide each user with special permissions. Administrators may select whether or not a user can access, edit and/or publish each page within the Web site. Users without publish rights can send a publish request to the administrators.



Extensive logging system tracks when content is created, modified and published.


folder structure

Manage Documents, Images, and Multimedia
Upload documents, images, and multimedia files for use within your Web site.


Generate Temporary Site

Generate Temporary Site
Generate a temporary copy of the Web site published at an obscure URL, to be viewed by non-CMS users.


Instant Preview

Instant Preview
Quickly preview the site as it will appear once published.


zip file

Site Backup
Users can download a zip file of the Web site, which includes HTML files, folders, images, and documents.


Publish Page and Publish Entire Site

Publish Page/Publish Entire Site
Publish individual pages and directories or publish the entire site with one simple click.