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Online Bill Pay System

Online Bill Pay

Allow visitors on your Web site to make payments online such as utility bills, court citations, and garage sale permits. OK.gov’s Online Bill Pay provides the following benefits:

yellow bullet No set up, maintenance or hosting fees.
yellow bullet Self Funded: $1 transaction fee (Users can either absorb this fee or pass it on to the end user.)
yellow bullet Create multiple types of payments to accept. Such as:

small blue arrowUtility Payments
small blue arrowCitation Payments
small blue arrowLicense/Permit Payments

yellow bullet Accept all major credit cards and EFT payments.
yellow bullet Secure and Encrypted Transactions
yellow bullet Funds transferred to merchant account within 24 to 72 hrs.
yellow bullet Utilize multiple merchant accounts to distribute funds to appropriate bank accounts. Ex:

small blue arrowMiscellaneous Payments → General Fund merchant account → General Fund bank account
small blue arrowUtility Payments → Utilities merchant account → Utilities bank account
small blue arrowCitation Payments → Courts merchant account → Courts bank account

yellow bullet Web service available for third party software to retrieve transaction data.
yellow bullet Generate reports and view transactions 24/7.
yellow bullet Link to service directly from your existing site, or utilize the Go Gov! Web Management Suite to build a new Web site. (available at additional cost)

Password Protection

Secure Payments
Go Gov!'s payment engine provides easy, secure, and seamless online payment integration for services such as the Go Gov! Bill Pay System.  All communication is done through encrypted protocols, ensuring that the credit card information is secure.  Both periodic and real time reporting can be generated and sent by e-mail listing the transaction information and period totals. Reporting tools are also provided to accommodate your needs.

The first status retrieval should occur no sooner than 5 seconds after the transaction has been initiated, and each subsequent status retrieval should occur at least 3 seconds apart. Transactions typically take 5-10 seconds to authorize, but in the event the system switches to backup communications, it could take up to 60 seconds. Once a transaction is complete, funds are transferred into the Go Gov! account holder’s merchant account within 24 to 72 hours.

Security Policies
The state of Oklahoma and OK.gov take your Internet security very seriously. Our technology and policies are designed to make your online transactions safe, private, and secure. Rigorous policies and procedures are utilized to safeguard your sensitive information, such as social security numbers, banking information, and personal data. 

small blue arrow View the Security Measures Taken to Ensure the Safety of Oklahomans
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