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Project Staff

Key Players

Dr. Owen Modeland
Program Director
Superintendent of Schools for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

Mrs. Pam Humphrey
Senior Principal

Dr. Donald Kiffin
Program Manager

Mr. Joe Mills
Experienced Instructor

Mr. Tom Larman
Experienced Instructor

Dr. Robert Jarrett
Program Co-Chair

Dr. Ray and Diana McCalment
Designs for Progress, Inc.
Authors of Life Skills curricula

Dr. John McKee
Program Evaluator
Institute of Social Research

Dr. Carl Clements
Program Evaluator
Institute of Social Research

Ms. Rose Lewis
Program Secretary

Interesting Facts

  • Dr. Owen Modeland has worked for the Education department for over 50 years. He was a Kansas school teacher and administrator for 24 years. Dr. Modeland became a Professor of Education and Psychology for 20 years and he is now D.O.C. Superintendent.

  • Mrs. Pam Humphrey taught high school in public schools for 14 years and has been in teaching and administration with corrections for 18 years. Mrs. Humphrey also has her Master's in counseling.

  • Mr. Joe Mills was an Art instructor in the public school system for 25 years. He is still active in pottery and western landscape paintings!!

  • Dr. Robert Jarrett has been with DOC for 22 years as a Senior Site Administrator. Previously he played basketball in college and became a coach for the sport. Dr. J taught in public schools in New Mexico and Nevada for several years.