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Solicitation Detail

Health, Oklahoma State Department of - OSDH
Contract Type
Regular Acquisition

Solicitation Number:
Closing Date Status:

CBO Health Disparities
Jacob Short
Closing Date:

Vendor Details
  Awarded Vendor Awarded Amount Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type
  SUPPORTERS OF FAMILIES WITH SICKLE CELL $250,000.00 3409025163 SFSC - signed N/A pdf
  HIV RESOURCE CONSORTIUM INC $250,000.00 3409025164 HIV Resource Consortium Inc - signed N/A pdf
  AUTISM FOUNDATION OF OKLAHOMA $250,000.00 3409025165 Autism Foundation of Oklahoma - signed N/A pdf
  CITY CARE INC $123,750.00 3409025166 City Care Inc - signed N/A pdf
  COMMUNITY RESOURCING INC $250,000.00 3409025167 Community Resourcing Inc - signed N/A pdf
  GUIDING RIGHT INC $250,000.00 3409025168 Guiding Right Inc - signed N/A pdf
  MILLENNIUM COMMUNITY SERVICES LLC $250,000.00 3409025170 Millennium Community Services LLC - signed N/A pdf
Award Date:

Contract Period Starting Date:
Contract Period Ending Date:
Agreement Period Starting Date:
Agreement Period Ending Date:

  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
Bidder Instructions Solicitation pdf
Attachment A-Solicitation Solicitation pdf
Attachment B-General Terms Solicitation pdf
Attachment C-Agency Terms Solicitation pdf
Exhibit titled BAA Solicitation pdf
Exhibit titled Budget Solicitation pdf
Exhibit titled Frequent QA's Solicitation pdf
Exhibit titled GAQ Solicitation pdf
Exhibit titled PMR Solicitation pdf
Exhibit titled SRQ Solicitation pdf
Exhibit titled Worksheet Solicitation xlsx
Non-Collusion Certification Solicitation pdf
Responding Bidder Information Solicitation pdf
Vendor Payee Form Solicitation pdf
OMESFormCP011 Amendment pdf
OMESFormCP011_Amendment 2 Amendment pdf
OMESFormCP011.pdf Amendment 3 Solicitation pdf

93140000 Community and social services
93141500 Social development and services

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