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Central Purchasing Division
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Mandatory Statewide

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SW0670- Supplemental RFP for Aggregate and Stone Materials.
Cini Zacharia
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
0900000471-SW0670 Supp RFP BI Solicitation pdf 0900000471-SW0670 Supplemental  RFP Bidder Instructions.
0900000471-SW0670 Supp RFP-Attachment A. Solicitation pdf 0900000471-SW0670 Supplemental  RFP-Attachment A
0900000471-SW0670 Supp RFP-AttachmentB GT Solicitation pdf 0900000471-SW0670 Supplemental RFP-AttachmentB for General Terms.
0900000471-SW0670 Supp RFP -Attachment C Specific T Solicitation pdf 0900000471-SW0670 Supplemental  RFP -Attachment C Specific StateWide Contract Terms.
Revised -Exhibit 1- Spec & price sheet for SW0670 . Solicitation xlsx 0900000471-REVISED -Exhibit 1-- Spec & price sheet for SW0670
0900000471-SW0670 Supp RFP VendorPayee Other pdf 0900000471-SW0670 Supplemental RFP -VendorPayee form.
OMES-FORM-CP-004 Other pdf OMES-FORM-CP-004-Certification for Competitive Bid and/or Contract (Non-Collusion Certification)
OMES-FORM-CP-076 Other pdf Responding Bidder Information.
0900000471 Amendment#1.pdf Amendment docx 0900000471 Amendment#1- Updated the Credit Card processing fee tab in the price sheet .“Revised -Exhibit 1— Spec & price sheet for SW0670”. 4th Tab, Credit Card Transaction Fee.  
0900000471 Amendment#2 for Q&A Amendment pdf 0900000471 Amendment#2 for Vendors Q&A and the notification of adding  2 tabs to the price sheet for Credit card transaction fee and delivery cost per mile to any location to the price sheet.  
Fully executed Rock Haulers Contract signed Contract pdf Fully executed Rock Haulers, LLC  Contract  signed for Supplemental RFP #0900000471 for the period of 2021-2023.
SW0670 PSC# 6117 signed Contract pdf SW0670  Rock Haulers, LLC PS contract#-6117 Signed for the contract period of 2022-2023.
Rock Haulers Credit card transaction fee info Price Adjustment xlsx SW0670   Rock Haulers, LLC 2021 Credit card transaction fee info   in excel format.
ODOT SW670 2022 Price Price Adjustment xlsx SW0670 Rock Haulers, LLC  2022-2023 Delivered - Spec & price. 
SW0670-OMES -FORM-CP 071 Notice of Statewide Contract Award Other docx SW0670-OMES -FORM-CP 071: Notice of Statewide Contract Award from - Supplemental RFP#0900000471 for SW0670.
CP 072 Awarded supplier info Other pdf SW0670-OMES -FORM-CP 072: Awarded Supplier contact  Information-Supplemental RFP#0900000471 for SW0670.
SW0670-OMES-FORM-CP-075 Addendum pdf SW0670-OMES -FORM-CP 075: Statewide Contract  Addendum#1 for the awarded information about  Supplemental RFP#0900000471 for SW0670.
SW0670 Addendum#2 LOCK BOX Addendum pdf This Addendum is issued to offer a new option for OMES Lockbox Procedures. Awarded Suppliers may contact the Contracting Officer for details. 
SW0670-OMES-FORM-CP-075. Addendum pdf SW0670-OMES-FORM-CP-075- Addendum#2 for the renewal of Rock Haulers, LLC- PS contract#6117.

SW0670, sw670, SW670, Aggregate, Sand, Stone, stone materials, Aggregate & stone Materials. Sw0670, sw0670 , Construction. Supplementary RFP, Supp RFP 090-471. Suplimental RFP for SW0670. 090-471, 0900000471, Solicitation#0900000471, RFP#0900000471, 670. 0670, ODOT.Single Source Natural Sand, Class "A" Sand, No. 2 Cover Aggregate, Aggregate Base Type "A", Crusher Run 1 1/2", Crusher Run 2", Crusher Run 3", Crusher Run 4-6", No. 3C - 5/8" Cover Aggregate, #4    Screenings, 8" Surge Rip Rap, 8" Aggregate Rip Rap, 12" Aggregate Rip Rap, 18" Aggregate Rip Rap, 24" Aggregate Rip Rap, Single Course Filter Blanket, SCA-2, SCA-3, SCA-4, 3/8" Rinsed Shot, 4-8"  sand, Rock, Rock Haulers, Rockhaulers,  6113, 6114, 6115, 6116, 6117

11170000 Alloys
11171500 Basic steels
30110000 Concrete and cement and plaster
30111500 Concrete and mortars
30111507 Soil cured concrete
30111502 Conductive concrete
30111505 Ready mix concrete
30111501 Foamed concrete
30111504 Mortars
30111506 Grout
30111509 Asphalt based concrete
30111508 Water permeable concrete
30111503 Insulating concrete
30111700 Plasters
30111701 Gypsum plaster
30111600 Cement and lime
30111605 Lean lime
30111602 Chlorinated lime
30111604 Hydrated lime
30111603 Hydraulic lime
30111607 Unslaked lime
30111800 Aggregates
30111803 Recycled aggregate
30111801 Natural aggregate
30111802 Artificial aggregate
30111900 Concrete reinforcement hardware
30111901 Concrete reinforcing fiber
30111903 Wire mesh sheet
30111902 Construction expansion joint
30120000 Roads and landscape
30121500 Bituminous derivatives
30121501 Coal tar
30121503 Creosote
30121504 Bitumen
30121700 Road and railroad construction materials
30121701 Geomesh
30121706 Concrete curb
30121708 Brick tile
30121704 Concrete slab
30121707 Noise protection board
30121710 Paving stone
30121711 Natural curbstone
30121703 Bridge rail
30121702 Geotextile
30121709 Ungraded crushed rock
30121705 Paving slab
30121600 Asphalts
30121601 Asphalt
30121604 Cutback products
30121605 Manhole frames with covers
30121603 Gilsonite
30121602 Pitch

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