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Central Purchasing Division
Contract Type
Non-Mandatory Statewide

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Fleet Tracking
Marc Brown
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  Attachment Title Attachment Type File Type Comments
FULLY EXECUTED Addendum 1 w Attachments Contract pdf Contract Info
AssetWorks Pricing Price Adjustment pdf Pricing
OMES-FORM-CP-072 Vendor docx Vendor Info
2017-18 AssetWorks PS 4763-signed Contract pdf Signed PS Contract
SW1028A Addendum 1 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
SW1028A Addendum 2 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
SW1028A Addendum #3 2-25-20 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
FULLY EXECUTED Addendum 2 Geotab Addendum pdf Addition of Geotab services
SW1028A Pricing for Geotab Services Price Adjustment pdf Pricing for Geotab services
SW1028A Addendum #4 6-15-20 Addendum pdf CP Physical Address Change
SW1028 Addendum #5 20210420 Addendum pdf Contract Renewal
SW1028A Addendum #6 8-23-21 Addendum pdf Installation Labor Price Reduction
SW1028A Addendum #7 9-29-21 Addendum pdf Lockbox Options
SW1028A Addendum #8 2-10-22 Addendum pdf Contract Extension
SW1028A Addendum #9 5-16-22 Addendum pdf Contract Extension
SW1028A Addendum #10 8-8-22 Addendum pdf Contract Extension
SW1028A Addendum #11 11-8-22 Addendum pdf Contract Extension
SW1028A Addendum #12 Addendum pdf Contract Extension
SW1028A Addendum #13 Addendum pdf Contract Extension

Fleet Tracking: Vehicular GPS Systems, Fleet Management Services,GPS Sysytems. SW1028A, 1028A, Trapeze DBA AssetWorks, fleet monitoring, tracking, ABL, idle reduction, diagnostic software

25170000 Transportation components and systems
25173100 Location and navigation systems and components
25173107 Vehicular global positioning systems
80160000 Business administration services
80161500 Management support services
80161505 Fleet management services
52160000 Consumer electronics
52161500 Audio and visual equipment
52161518 Global positioning system receivers

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